Dr. John Smith Fogg Papers (MS 30)

Abstract: Dr. John Smith Fogg (1865-1936), a Biddeford native, was a Captain and Assistant Surgeon in the U.S. Army and served abroad and domestically at the turn of the 20th century. This collection of papers includes the accounts of his tours in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War, his travels abroad, some of his published and unpublished writings, and his extensive genealogical and local history research for himself and others.

Dr. John Smith Fogg in U.S. Army uniform

Dr. John Smith Fogg, Courtesy of the National Library of Medicine-Images from the History of Medicine

Scope & Contents: This collection contains several journals on the genealogy of the Fogg and related families, U.S. Army reports from the Philippines from 1900-1901, Dr. Fogg’s personal accounts of the Philippines (including drawings, maps and pictures of the Philippines), his correspondence to resolve pay issues his he had with his charge from the Army. This collection also contains a photo album with pictures of the hospital in the Philippines where he worked as a doctor, as well as pictures from New Mexico and Arizona, including some of the Native Americans living in those areas. There is a scrapbook of local newspaper stories, as well as 5 folders of newspaper clippings of local history/events.  There are several short stories written by Dr. Fogg.

Dr. Fogg also collected a great deal of information on his family genealogy and the families related to him. He corresponded with numerous people about genealogical matters, both in doing his own research and verifying research for others. The Fogg Genealogy scrapbook (Box 7) is very brittle. It contains the early history of the Fogge family starting in England in the 1400’s up to the Plimmoth Plantation. There are several “Returns of Aliens in London” for 1586, 1571 and 1624; Knight family history and the Knight family in early American colonial history, listed as Merchant Adventurer on the Mayflower; listed in the Plimmoth Plantation records and the American and West Indies records. There are several Pedigrees of the Fogge family, some coat of arms containing 3 amulets while others have 6. History of Kent and Ashford Church and the Fogge family connections to each.


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