Pepperell Manufacturing Company collection (MS 100)

Abstract: Records and artifacts created in the process of doing business by the prior and later iterations of Pepperell Manufacturing Company (PMC) in Biddeford, Maine. This collection includes materials from the numerous associated companies that either predated or postdated PMC; Pepperell being the largest, most successful and best known of the associated companies.

Administrative Histories: The history of the textile industry that developed along the banks of the Saco River in Biddeford and Saco, Maine is complicated by a complex web of interconnectedness. A core group of businessmen show up repeatedly in the development of each of the various companies. None of these companies was completely separate from the others, from their incorporations forward – for example: Samuel Batchelder appears in the incorporation papers for all three Biddeford companies; William Dwight was the treasurer of both the Saco Water Power Company and the Laconia Company; York Manufacturing begat Saco Water Power Co. which begat Saco Water Power Machine Shop, Laconia Company and Pepperell Manufacturing Company; Pepperell later absorbed two of its predecessors.

Finding aid has histories of the following: 

  • The Saco Water Power Company (1837 – 1915).
  • Laconia Company (1841 – 1899).
  • Pepperell Manufacturing Company/WestPoint-Pepperell/WestPoint Stevens/WestPoint Home (1844 – 2009) – [also Biddeford Textile Company].
  • J.S. & E. Wright Co./Wright, Bliss and Fabyan/Bliss, Fabyan & Co. (1864 – 1940).


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