General Postcard Collection


A wonderful collection of postcards from Biddeford, Saco, Old Orchard Beach and a few bonusus as well. Mr. Richard Carr wrote a wonderful introduction to the collection, which can be found in the binders…you may also read it below, or download a PDF version to view.


This collection is organized by PLACE, and then subdivided by SUBJECT. This arrangement allows us to continually add new postcards to the existing collections and number them in a way that keeps them sorted.

This collection is the library’s active postcard collection, and was created by the combination of the library’s materials plus collections donated by ROSAIRE J. BELANGER, ALBERT RICKER, and ELIZABETH STEVENS. Unfortunately, we are not able to discern exactly which items came from which donor, but put together they are a wonderful resource to those interested in the history of Biddeford, Saco and Old Orchard Beach.

BID – Biddeford
BID.SCH. – schools
BID.FIR. – fires
BID.CHU. – churches
BID.LIB. – library
BID.HOS. – hopitals
BID.DOW. – downtown
BID.MIL. – mills
BID.RIV. – Saco River
BID.POO. – Biddeford Pool
BID.FOR. – Fortune’s Rocks
BID.GEN. – General/miscellaneous

SAC – Saco
SAC.CHU. – churces
SAC.SCH. – schools
SAC.LIB. – library
SAC.DOW. – downtown
SAC.FIR. – fires
SAC.MIL. – mills
SAC.RIV. – Saco River
SAC.CAM. – Camp Ellis
SAC.GEN. – General/miscellaneous

OOB – Old Orchard Beach
OOB.HOT. – hotels
OOB.FIR. – fires
OOB.DOW. – downtown
OOB.BEA. – beaches
OOB.PIE. – Pier
OOB.AMU. – amusements
OOB.GOO. – Googins Rocks
OOB.OPC. – Ocean Park + camp/meeting grounds
OOB.CHU. – churches
OOB.GEN. – General/miscellaneous

ENG – Bideford, Devon, England [no subdivisions]

GRE – Greeting cards [no subdivisions]