Page, Amos W.
(1823-1891) Former overseer in Laconia Mills; died in Massachusetts. BDJ 09/04/1891, p.3 c.7.

Page, Elmer E.
(1861-1921) Agent of York Mill. Obit BWJ 02/25/1921, p.1.

Painchaud, Pierre
(1853-1909) Founder of famous “Painchaud’s Band”. Came to Biddeford about 1857. Educated in Biddeford schools. At age 18 married and organized “Fanfare Painchaud: La famille”. Painchaud traveled throughout New England. Organized “L’Union Musicale”. About 1899 put on “Chimes of Normandy”. Competes with two others for prize of $300-funds being raised for free evening school (BJ 01/26/1871, p.3 c.1). Leader of “Institute Band”, goes to Sacarappa each Thursday night to teach band there (BWJ 12/26/1884, p.3 c.1). For uniform of “Institute Band” see (BWJ 06/05/1885, p.3 c.2). Retired from leadership of band after 38 years-succeeded by Frederick J. Lavigne (BDJ 11/26/1906, p.6 c.1-2). Died shortly after-obit 02/08/1909, p.6 c.3-4.

Painchaud, Zoel
(1857-1887) Brother of Pierre Painchaud, died age 30. Obit BWJ 04/22/1887, p.3 c.1.

Paine, Josiah
Contracted in 1802 to carry mail daily between Boston and Portland. Biddeford Scrapbook #1, p.10.

Paquin, Joseph R.
Paquin & Carrol insurance agency. Last appears in 1937 City Directory.

Parcher, Samuel
Life sketch, BWJ 03/25/1887, p.3 c.6.

Parcher, Samuel F.
(1833-1912) Former Biddeford mayor, recalls his stories of playing in bands before the Civil War. Gives an old musicians’ pay scale. Obit BDJ 02/26/1913 p.8 c.2-3 and BWJ 02/28/1913, p.1 c.3.

Parcher, Sumner C.
(1854-1923) Born in Saco, son of George Parcher. Worked in Biddeford Post Office, was later president of York National Bank where he began work in 1873. Succeeded as president by Frank C. Deering. Obit BWJ 04/13/1923, p.1 c.2-3 through p.3 c.4.

Pare, Jean B.
(1843-1921) Grocer on Water Street, Biddeford and Civil War veteran. Obit BWJ 05/27/1921, p.8 c.7.

Parent, Frederick Alfred “Freddy”
(1875-1972) Major league baseball player. Born in Biddeford 11/25/1875; first played baseball with New Haven in the Connecticut league; eventually came into the majors with Boston in the brand new American League in 1901. When Boston won the 1903 World Series, he took his share of the money and bought a house in Sanford, where he lived until his death in 1972. Obit BSJ 11/02/1972, p.2 c.2. See also Anderson’s The Lost New England Nine (2003).  See also “Biddeford’s Freddy Parent made his MLB mark” by Carl Johnson (JT 02/04/2013, p.B3).

Parent, Mitchell
Home at 205 Elm Street. Born in Canada “about 84 years ago”. In Biddeford for many years, but no dates given. Obit BWJ 09/14/1923, p.8 c.6.

Parker, Edward
(1853-1919) Principal of Biddeford High School 1864-1871. Obit BWJ 11/21/1919, p.8 c.4.

Parker, Jonas L.
Of Manchester [Maine or NH?] Examination of Asa & Henry Wentworth, lessee of Saco House, for complicity in murder. Examination held at South Berwick. See Union: 05/17/1850, p.1-3; 05/24/1850, p.1-3; 06/14/1850, p.2; 06/21/1850, p.2; 06/28/1850, p.2; 07/05/1850, p.2. Released on $5000 bail, see Union: 08/02/1850, p.2 c.4.

Parlady, Jean Baptiste
Born 1857 in Amas, Quebec. Educated in Saco public schools, went to work in the Laconia Mills at age 12. Learned cigar making at age 15, and by the age of 23 had opened his own successful cigar manufacturing business. See Lawton’s Franco-Americans of Maine, p.107.

Parsons, Samuel
“City crier and bill poster” and his long linen duster handed down from some past generation recalled by many readers. BWJ 01/25/1918, p.7 c.7.

Patterson, Daniel H.
(1818-1896) Ex-husband of Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science Church. Brother lived on Buxton Road in Saco. Died at Saco City Farm 08/14/1896, aged 77 years 9 months. Was a dentist in New York City for many years. During Civil War served in Secret Service; had been cared for by local Odd Fellows Lodge for years. BWJ 08/21/1896, p.3 c.5.

Peabody, Charles (Reverend)
(1810-1896) Long-time minister at the First Congregational Church in Biddeford. Born in New Hampshire, graduate of Williams College and Andover Theological Seminary. Ordained as pastor of the First Church, Biddeford on December 8, 1841 and worked there for two years. He then spent time in churches throughout New England, before returning to minister at the First Church, Biddeford, from 1857-1866, before moving away again permanently.

Pearce, Albert L.
Assistant Librarian at McArthur Public Library for many years. Home at 26 South Street and summer home in Dayton. Obit BJ 08/23/1973, p.2 c.1.

*Note* There is some confusion as to correct spelling of “Peirson” or “Pierson”, therefore all persons with this family name are shown as “Peirson/Pierson”. –McArthur Library

Peirson/Pierson, Elizabeth
Relict [widow] of Capt. Samuel Peirson of Boston – Died 05/25/1809 – Age 83. Gravestone in Woodlawn Cemetery.

Peirson/Pierson, George
(1809-1860) Committed suicide. Obit BWJ 11/09/1860, p.2 c.5. Wife Isabel born 1817, died 1905 or 1907. Gravestone in Woodlawn Cemetery.
Peirson/Pierson, Jeremiah H.
Died 07/24/1886, aged 80 years. Gravestone at Woodlawn Cemetery on G.A.R. Avenue.

Peirson/Pierson, John (Captain)
Lost at sea 09/07/1826, aged 56 years. Gravestone in Woodlawn Cemetery.

Peirson/Pierson, Samuel
(1759-1852) Known as “Squire Peirson”, namesake of Peirson’s Lane. Born in Boston, came to Biddeford in 1792. Twice married (for death of first wife see Samuel Merrill diary, p.16.) Buried at Woodlawn Cemetery. Life sketch in York County History, p.207-8. See also Biddeford Scrapbook #1, p.6 and Scrapbook #6, p.16. Death notice in U & J 05/19/1852, p.2 c.3; obituary 01/26/1855, p.3 c.3.

Peirson/Pierson, Thomas McCobb
Died 02/12/1865, aged 47 years 8 months. Gravestone in Woodlawn Cemetery.

This newsletter was published by the Pepperell Mills of Biddeford, Lewiston and Fall River, Mass. featuring news of local people and many photographs. Digital copies of some issues are accessible online, courtesy of the Biddeford Mills Musuem.

Pepperell, Sir William
(1696-1759) After whom the Pepperell Mills were named; see Yorke’s Men and Times of Pepperell, p.13-4. Bill for wine at funeral – 1731 barrel; U & J 08/07/1857, p.3 c.1.

Perkins, Edmund
(1769-1825) Father of Colonel Edmund Perkins. Married Rebecca Staples 12/24/1794, died aged 55 years 08/26/1825. See Samuel Merrill diary, p.103.

Perkins, Edmund (Colonel)
(1803-1883) Fell in Saco shipyard and fractured hip. Said to be in very advanced age. Wife Ellen died at age of 61, obit BWJ 02/14/1868, p.3 c.4. Fell in Saco shipyard and fractured hip-said to be in very advanced age; U & J 05/13/1870, p.3 c.1. Died in Boston. Death notice BWJ 02/02/1883, p.3 c.3.

Perkins, Edmund & Elias
Cousins of Mrs. Waldo Hill and came from Kennebunkport. Founded firm E. & E. Perkins in 1838. See BWJ 11/03/1917.

Perkins, Elisha
(1799-1866) Wife died with palsy 06/19/1840. Remarried to Mary Dunn on 11/10/1840. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.158.

Perkins, Frank
Brother of the actor Walter Perkins. Obit BWJ 01/08/1926, p.3 c.1.

Perkins, George
Of this town deceased a few days ago, aged 80 or more, 12/18/1831. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.133.

Perkins, Jacob (Captain)
Of Saco-died at sea in West Indies. U & J 01/19/1855, p.3 c.1.

Perkins, Joseph (Captain)
News received 02/28/1801 of death in West Indies. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.2.

Perkins, Joseph F.
Son of Capt. John Perkins of Biddeford. Died at Douglass Flat, California. U & J 09/15/1852, p.3 c.2. Poem about his death appeared in U & J 09/22/1852, p.1 c.2.

Perkins, Jotham (Captain)
Died with consumption 09/17/1819. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.81.

Perkins, Jotham (Captain)
Died in Biddeford 05/14/1852, age 77. U & J 05/19/1852, p.3 c.1.

Perkins, Jotham
Father of actor Walter E. Perkins. Wife died of pneumonia while visiting their son Frank in Lynn. Age given as about 65. Mrs. Perkins’ obituary appeared in BWJ 11/23/1888, p.3 c.2.

Perkins, Nathaniel
Died this month 10/30/1809. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.15.

Perkins, Nathaniel
Died 08/01/1832. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.135.

Perkins, Nora
Widow of Frank A. Perkins. Publisher of books-removes business from Brooklyn NY to Biddeford. BWJ 08/26/1921, p.8 c.2.

Perkins, Oliver (Captain)
Ten year old daughter dies-from Samuel Merrill diary 09/13/1841.

Perkins, Rachel
(1908-1987) Lived in Springvale. Obit see JT 10/27/1987, p.2 c.4.

Perkins, Thomas H.
Son of Capt. John Perkins. Died on board brig “Susan Abigail” of Boston while at Bolinas, a small port near San Francisco, California, aged 26. U & J 06/28/1850, p.3 c.2.

Perkins, Walter E.
(Circa 1858-1925) Biddeford native, B.H.S. class of 1876. Actor and collector of “amateur newspapers”. Died in Brooklyn, NY in 1925. Lived through great San Francisco earthquake (BWJ 05/04/1906, p.7 c.1-2). Sketch of career (BWJ 05/25/1906, p.2 c.1-2). Reminiscences in BWJ 09/14/1923, p.1 c.4-5. See also Biddeford Scrapbook #6, p.37.
See also MS 12 – Walter Perkins Amateur Newspaper Collection.

Pershing, John Joseph (General)
Visited area on 06/03/1920-see BWJ of 06/04/1920, p.1 & 8.

Peters, John A.
(1822-1904) Retired Chief Justice of Maine. Obit BWJ 04/08/1904, p.1 c.2.

Petit, Jeannine
Oil paintings among exhibits in New York City at Kottler galleries. See Biddeford Scrapbook #6, p.86.

Philbrick, Cyrus Edgar
(1845-1913) Member of Foss Street Methodist Episcopal Church choir & the noted quartet of Charles E. Pilsbury, Fred J. Pilsbury, Newland M. Philbrick (brother) and C. E. Philbrick. Newland and Cyrus built the brick house on Alfred Street opposite Myrtle Street before 1872, which they sold to Gorham Weymouth about 1875 and moved to 40 West Street. Obit in BDJ 01/30/1913, p.8 c.2.

Philbrick, N. M.
Photographer. Purchased E. H. McKenney studio in 1884 (with Mr. Gardner) and ten years later became sole proprietor. See Bickford’s Local landmarks, p.15.

Phillips, Joseph Haley
Died this week with the collick. 01/15/1809. From Samuel Merrill diary.

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