Verrill, Nathaniel
Death notice of Nathaniel Verrill, aged 68, keeper of Wood Island Light. U & J 05/09/1856, p.3 c.3.

See also: “Veterans Buried in Biddeford (Revolution-WWI)

Vetromile, Eugene (Father)
Missionary to the Penobscot and Passamaquoddy Indians, and Abenaki philologist (linguist).Catholic priest, headed St. Mary’s Church for some time. St. Mary’s Street in Biddeford was originally called Vetromile Street. See Proceedings of the Maine Historical Society, Ser.1 V.7, p.339; Ser.2 V.1, p.309; & Ser.1 V.6, p.207. Writings include the general Acadia and its aborigines (1862) and an Abenaki translation of the Bible in the  Indian Good Book (1856). Fr. Vetromile also wrote of his travels in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. His papers are held by the Maine Historical Society. See also Yorke’s History and stories of Biddeford, p.52-3.

Vincent, Rose
Murdered by jilted beau Alfred Savage while sailing on the Saco River in the area of the Narrows in April 1878. Story of the murder in the Biddeford Daily Journal, 05/13/1908, p.5 c.1-4.

Vines, Richard (Captain)
One of the “founders” of Biddeford, employed by Sir Ferdinando Gorges to stay at “Winter Harbor” in 1616 to prove the climate suitable for settlement. Was granted land by Gorges and returned around 1630. Died in Barbados. See Yorke’s History and stories of Biddeford and Folsom’s History of Saco and Biddeford.


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