Bacon, Alvan (Doctor)
(1806-1880) Died 11/24/1880, aged 74. See Journal newspaper on 11/26/1880, p.3 c.1 and also 12/03/1880, p.3. c.1. House on South Street near City Square. Library has tintype of Dr. Bacon, and wallet that belonged to him as well.

Bacon, Horace (Doctor)
(1804-1888) Born in Scarborough. Practiced medicine in Biddeford from 1826 to 1880. House at Main and Hill Streets. Obit in BWJ 04/27/1888, p.3 c.5.

Baillargeon, Alphonse J.
Grocer at Elm & Center Streets. Born in Biddeford; began business in partnership with A. Valliere as “Valliere & Baillargeon” until he bought our Mr. Valliere. Obit in BDJ 05/05/1923, p.3 c.6.

Baker, Arthur
Brief biography and picture in article on the 100th anniversary of Biddeford Savings Bank in BSJ 07/11/1967, p.1 & 5. Clipping of this article located in Biddeford Scrapbook #9, p.11-12.

Baker, Carlos
(1910-1987) Born in Biddeford. Expert in modern English and American writing. Professor at Princeton University, wrote 1969 biography of Ernest Hemingway. Wrote several other books, and also for the NY Times Book Review and the New Republic. Obit in the NY Times, 04/21/1987.

Banks, Cumming
Died in Saco 01/24/1842, age 72. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.171.

Banks, Cyrus
Known at “lumber king”. Obit in BDJ 02/20/1911, p.5 c.1-3 and in BWJ 02/24/1911, p.8 c.4.

Banks, Esreff H.
(1821-1903) Home at 23 South Street. Came to Biddeford about 1845, forming firm of Hooper & Banks with E. H. C. Hooper. President of First National Bank in 1879. Sketch in York County History, facing p.204. See also Biographical Review of York County, p.66. Obit in BWJ 12/04/1903, p.7 c.1-2.

Banks, Hartley C.
Biddeford mayor during World War I (1917-1919).

Banks, Frank A.
(1883-1957) Born in Biddeford. Graduated Biddeford High School in 1900. Had a very distinguished career in engineering and was supervising engineer of the Grand Coulee Dam. Later acting administrator of the Bonneville Power Project, another great work. Entered into “Who’s Who in America” in 1939. Article about visit home BDJ 06/07/1956 p.1 c.1. Died in Pasadena, California, age 72. Obit in BDJ 12/16/1957, p.1 c.2.

Barber, Joseph
(1909-1982) Journalist, author and summer resident at Fortune’s Rocks. Obit in JT 08/18/1982.

Bardsley, Edwin
Of Biddeford. See Biographical Review of York County, Maine (1896), p.170.

Barrows, Charles
Drowned on January 22, 1843 at Spring’s Island; body found on April 30th. From Samuel Merrill diary for April 30, 1843.

Bassford, Samuel J. (Doctor)
Came to Biddeford about 1881. Practiced medicine here until 1904, when he moved to Portland. Member of Biddeford School Committee in 1901. For photograph see “Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools 1901”, p.1. Obit in BWJ 03/23/1917, p.3 c.3.

Batchelder, Samuel
(1784-1879) Director of Saco mills in 1831, realized that Biddeford was well suited for water power. Developed the Saco Water Power Company (1837), the Laconia Mills (1841) and the Pepperell Mills (1844).
Sons death from consumption in Samuel Merrill diary from 02/17/1842. Obit in BWJ on 02/07/1879, p.3 c.5. Historical sketch copied from the Boston Globe in BDJ on 03/27/1916, p.2.

Batchelder, Stephen P.
Keeper of Wood Island Lighthouse. Death of child in U & J 02/02/1853.

Beaudoin, Theophile
(1851-1921) Home at 20 Cutts Street. Born in Canada; came to Biddeford with parents Andre and Aurelie Beaudoin in 1864 when he was 13. Obit in BWJ on 09/02/1921, p.8 c.7.

Beaumont, Charles
(1826-1918) Born in England, came to Biddeford in 1850’s. Sketch of life and personal history at age of 91 in BWJ 11/30/1917, p.8 c.7. Obit in BWJ on 05/03/1918.

Beaupré, Norman (Doctor)
Born and raised in Biddeford, Dr. Beaupré received his PhD in Literature from Brown University. He taught at the St. Francis College/University of New England for over 30 years, and is an unceasing champion of Franco-American culture, even in retirement. He is a prolific author, writing in both French and English, and to date has published over 20 books, both fiction and non-fiction. He has appeared as both subject and author in numerous journals, including Rabaska: revue d’ethnologie de l’Amérique française and Résonance. Dr. Beaupré was inducted into the Maine Franco-American Hall of Fame in 2007, Frances’s Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 2008, and Biddeford Cultural and Heritage Center’s Biddeford Hall of Fame in 2019. Dr. Beaupré’s oral histories and personal papers have been donated to the Biddeford Cultural and Heritage Center and can be accessed there. He lives in Biddeford with his wife, Lucille, and they have one daughter.

Beauregard, Frederick F.
Of Biddeford. See Biographical Review of York County, Maine (1896), p.456.

Benjamin, William
Death by railroad accident along with D. O. S. Hooper. BWJ 12/03/1886, p.3 c.2.

Benoit, A. H.
Clothier. Began retail career in Biddeford, where he was the only French-speaking clothier in town and grew a successful business which expanded to Portland, Augusta & Waterville. See Hendrickson’s Quiet Presence, p.48.

Benson, James (Captain)
Death notice of Capt. James Benson of Biddeford, age 79. U & J 09/11/1857, p.3 c.4.

Benson, Jotham (Captain)
Sea captain, born 1810. Life sketch in York County History, p. 214.

Benson, James Orrin
(1838-1900) Son of Jotham Benson and a Civil War veteran. See Biographical Review of York County, Maine (1896), p.128. Obit in BWJ on 05/11/1900, p.7 c.7.

Benson, Simon (Captain)
Died August 9, 1859. U & J 08/28/1859, p.3 c.4.

Benson, Thomas (Captain)
(1822-1904) Obit in BWJ on 12/16/1904, p.8 c.4.

Benson, William (Captain)
(1836-1901) Born on the Pool Road in September 1836. Deep sea captain. Obit in BWJ 07/19/1901, p.7 c.6.

Berry, Benjamin
“Deceased day before yesterday buried today.” (05/02/1817) From Samuel Merrill diary, p. 66.

Berry, Benjamin
Died of consumption on July 20, 1832. From Samuel Merrill diary, p. 135.

Berry, George A.
(1853-1918) Obit in BWJ on 12/27/1918, p.8 c.2.

Berry, John
(1847-1909) Druggist and banker, business in Thacher Block on Main St. Home in Saco, summer home “Crows Nest” cottage at Fortune’s Rocks. Born in Biddeford, graduated Biddeford High School, class of 1864. Son of Judge William Berry and Olivia Dudley Berry. Obit in BWJ on 06/11/1909, p.7.

Berry, Olivia Donnell
(1814-1896) Died April 14, 1896, age 82 years. Had 4 children, only 2 survived: Sarah A. (Mrs. Roscoe A. Bowers) and Annie O. (Mrs. Roscoe G. Dennett). Obit in BWJ 04/17/1896, p.3 c.4.

Berry, Westbrook
Died at age 82. U & J 08/03/1855, p.3 c.4.

Berry, William
(1811-1868) Life sketch in York County History, p. 209.

Bickford, Cora Belle
(1859-1923) Local teacher, writer, and public speaker. Active in social and community organizations. Assistant at the Spruce Street Grammar School in 1901. For photograph see “Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools 1901”, p.33. Obit in BWJ 01/05/1923, p.1 c.2. See also Bickford’s Local landmarks, p.14.

Bickford, Dodivah
Died 06/13/1816, age 77. From Samuel Merrill diary, p. 61.

Bickford, George
Died of consumption 07/10/1815. From Samuel Merrill diary, p. 53.

Bickford, Isaac (Deacon)
Died at Biddeford Pool 09/07/1884. Buried from Second Congregational Church. Obit in BWJ on 09/12/1884, p.3 c.1.

Bickford, Persia
Died at Kennebunk on 10/27/1843, age 80. From Samuel Merrill diary, p. 180.

205 Main Street. National Register of Historic Places. Also included in the Main Street Historic District, National Register of Historic Places. Built 1895, after a fire gutted the previous City Building. Designed by famed Maine architect John Calvin Stevens.

Public high school, founded 1848. Read a fully transcribed History of High School through 1887 (from Biddeford Daily Journal, Oct. 11, 1887).
First high school located on Washington Street (demolished in 1967).
Second high school located on Alfred Street (see Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools [1901]) – it was built in 1887 and expanded in 1926; now the Richard J. Martin Community Center.
Third – and current – high school located on Maplewood Avenue.
See Local History Catalog for photographs and more. See Minerva Catalog for yearbooks, histories, archives and published materials.

Main and Adams Streets. Included in Main Street Historic District, National Register of Historic Places. Built 1847. Name changed to Hotel Thacher in 1898, to honor Judge George Thacher, Colonial and Revolutionary-era statesman. See Local History Catalog for photos and more.

National Register of Historic Places. Stretches from Saco River to Elm Street, including sites in the immediate vicinity of Main Street.

National Register of Historic Places. Includes numerous 19th and 20th century textile industry buildings on both sides of the Saco River.

254 Main Street. Included in Main Street Historic District, National Register of Historic Places.

Bidwell, Dolly
Popular actress in Civil War and later, well known in Biddeford. Obit in BWJ on 02/02/1900, p.8 c.7.

Bienvenue, Alcide A.
(1872-1922) Born in New Hampshire, came to Biddeford in 1878. Son of Fabien Bienvenue who enlisted at Portland in 1861 and served throughout the Civil War. Alcide followed Rowland Hill as proprietor of clothing store in Union Block. Obit in BWJ 03/17/1922 p.1 c.4-5.

Biglow, Nano H.
Died 07/26/1790, age 75 years. Buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Thacher lot.

Public grammar and primary school (see Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools [1901]).

Blaine, James G.
Governor of Maine, passes through Biddeford. BWJ 08/14/1888. Obit in BWJ 02/03/1893, p.1 c.3.

Blais, Joan Theresa
First female student enrolled in women’s division of St. Francis College (University of New England) when it was made co-educational. BDJ 10/06/1958, p.1. Includes photograph of Miss Blais, who was a graduate of St. Joseph High School (Biddeford) and had also completed a diploma course from the Chicago Conservatory of Music prior to entering St. Francis to study Business Accounting.

Blake, Simon M.
Born 1815. Carpenter, mill owner, grocer and farmer. Life sketch in York County History, p.215.

Blanchard, William
Lost at sea. U & J 03/23/1860, p.3 c.1.

Boisvert, Alexandre E.
(1890-1943) Violinist. Also known as Alex Greenwood. Learned violin at an early age; played in the Philharmonic Orchestra and taught violin for 35 years. Also repaired instruments. Composed music and orchestrations for southern Maine bands and orchestras; had a studio at 77 Jefferson Street. See BDJ 07/12-14, 1943.

Boivin, Dr. Omer E., M.D.
Born in Fall River, Massachusetts in 1890, son of Stanislas and Adeline Boivin. Served as City Physician in 1914 and was heavily involved in community and professional groups. From Lawton’s Franco-Americans of Maine, p.180-1 [PICTURE].

Bolduc, Madame
Mrs.Marie Bolduc née Travers, Canadian folk singer who performed under the name “Madame Bolduc”. Appeared many times at City Theater. See La Justice for 11/16/1934. Also pamphlet for 50th Anniversary Concert.

Bolduc, Joseph C.
(1883-1948) Editor and proprietor of La Justice newspaper, which continued until 1950. Obit in BDJ 01/02/1948, p.2 c.2.

Bonneau, Alfred
(1862-1920) Came to Biddeford in 1893; editor of La Justice newspaper. See Biographical Review of York County, Maine (1896), p.34. Member School Committee, 1901. For photograph see “Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools 1901”, p.1. Visits with Teddy Roosevelt, BWJ 05/03/1907, p.6. Obit in BWJ 12/31/1920, p.1 c.1. Detailed social and professional sketch in Lawton’s Franco-Americans of Maine, p.153 [PICTURE]. See also Bickford’s Local landmarks, p.31.

Bonser, John
(1835-1920) Born in England. Came to U.S. and Biddeford in 1855. Started as a yard helper, then was overseer for 40 years. Retirement and account of his career, BWJ 08/25/1899, p.8 c.2. Obit in BWJ 01/16/1920, p.7 c.6.

Booth, William
(1848-1927) Connecticut granite merchant whose schooner “William Booth” operated in Biddeford around the turn of the century. The “William Booth”, a 3 masted, 176 ton schooner, carried granite, coal, and lumber. See “The Granite Industry of Waterford (Ct.)” by Willard A. Reed III; see McArthur Library Vertical File.

Borduas, Raymond
(1947-1968) One of six Biddeford soldiers to die in Vietnam; killed in action just a month after arriving in country. Posthumously awarded the Purple Heart, as well as six ofther medals and ribbons for gallantry. Graduate of St. Louis High School. See “Le Forum”, V.34 n.1, p.15.

Bouchard, Joseph E.
(1868-1922) Home at 57 Center Street. Born at Three Rivers, Quebec; came to Biddeford about 1885. Printer by trade, but later ran baking business. Obit in BDJ 10/04/1922, .8 c.4.

Boucher, Gilbert R.
Biddeford mayor from 1969-73. Known as controversial and a maverick, challenged the wealthy summer residents of Biddeford Pool so that locals could have beach access privileges. See Hendrickson’s Quiet Presence, p. 169-74. See also New Yorker Magazine 12/10/1973 (copy in library’s Vertical File); obit JT 12/3/1980.

Bourdon, Julien S.
Of Biddeford. See Biographical Review of York County, Maine (1896), p.599.

Bourne, Elizabeth
Daughter of E. E. Bourne, Kennebunk. Death on Mt. Washington (09/14/1855) from exposure during walk to the top. See letter of G. W. Bourne to Boston paper copied in U & J 09/28/1855, p2 c6-7.

Bouthellette, Alfreda
(1907-1985) Employed at McArthur Library for 35 years, died age 77. JT 07/18/1985, p.2 c.5.

Bowers, Roscoe L.
(1835-1892) Born in Baldwin, 01/18/1835. Came to Saco at 17 in 1852, married Abbie Berry. Mayor of Saco 1885 & 1886. Railroad Commission 2 years with a salary of $2000 per year. Obit BWJ 07/08/1892, p.3 c.3.

Bowie, Augustus
Of Saco. See Biographical Review of York County, Maine (1896), p.33.

Boyden, Hattie
Of Biddeford during the Civil War. Photograph appears in an album owned by Biddeford teacher Ellen “Nellie Junkins, dated December 20, 1861.

Boyden, Rosa
Of Biddeford during the Civil War. Photograph appears in an album owned by Biddeford teacher Ellen “Nellie Junkins, dated December 20, 1861.

Boynton, Ada
Substitute teacher in Biddeford schools, 1901. For photograph see “Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools 1901”, p.14.

Boynton, Samuel L. (Deacon)
(1826-1912) Born in North Saco, lived on Smith Street, Biddeford for many years. Obit in BDJ 09/24/1912, p.8 c.4-5.