Brackett, Amos S.
(1824-1900) Moved to Biddeford about 1845. Obit BWJ 07/20/1900, p.8 c.3.

Brackett, Charles Henry
(1829-1898) Home at 12 Union Street. Kept grocery store in Odd Fellows Block on Alfred Street, brother of James G. Brackett. Obit BWJ 07/02/1898.

Brackett, Edward G.
Alfred Street. Died aged 72. Obit BWJ 11/23/1888, p.3 c.3.

Brackett, James F.
Born in Biddeford, son of James G. Brackett. Home at Washington and Jefferson Streets. Died of gas inhalation. Bachelor. Obit BWJ 05/25/1923, p.1 c.4. Estate appraised at $142,000 (see BJ 09/21/1923, p.1 c.5).

Brackett, James G.
(1818-1905) Home at 30 Washington Street. Helped build Laconia & Pepperell Mills, and was Superintendent of Laconia. Buried in Greenwood Cemetery. Obit BWJ 01/26/1906, p.6 c.5.

Brackett, Joseph F.
Death notice of Joseph Brackett of Biddeford, age 66. U & J 02/27/1857, p.3 c.3.

Brackett, Samuel B.
(1841-1900) Born in Peru, Maine, came to Biddeford at age 21. Lawyer and Civil War veteran (Sergeant Company B, 5th Maine). Buried in Greenwood Cemetery. Obit BWJ 06/22/1900, p.7 c.6.

Bradbury, Charles
Biddeford man, drowned in shipwreck of “Warden” off Bideford, England, on 10/09/1857. U & J 11/13/1857, p.2 c.5.

Bradbury, Christopher
Died of consumption 04/26/1828. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.117.

Bradbury, Cotton
Saco, died age 63. U & J, 05/12/1854, p.2 c.7.

Bradbury, Frank E.
Burned his dead sister’s (Hattie) body in the furnace of their residence on 372 Main Street, Saco. See BDJ throughout June 1938. For Maine Supreme Judicial Court decision on this case see “Maine Reports 136, 1938-1940” p.347. Obit BDJ 01/12/1942, p.2 c.5.

Bradbury, Frederick C.
(1854-1919) Obit BWJ 02/21/1919, p.7 c.5-6.

Bradbury, Hattie P.
Hattie’s brother, Frank, burns her body in the furnace of their 372 Main Street, Saco, residence after she dies from a fall. See BDJ throughout June 1938. For Maine Supreme Judicial Court decision on this case see “Maine Reports 136, 1938-1940” p.347. Obit BDJ 07/10/1938, p.2 c.8.

Bradbury, James H.
Teacher in the Evening School (PHOTOGRAPH), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Bradbury, John O.
(1850-1921) Lawyer; born in Limington and came to Saco in 1890. Obit BWJ 07/03/1921, p.8 c.6.

Bradbury, Moses (Captain)
Died 11/24/1837 (2nd Congregational Church records). Built first house on Jordan’s Island (later Spring’s Island) in 1795. Served in American Revolution. See also Folsom’s “History of Biddeford” p.286. Obit BWJ 09/02/1859, p.2 c.7.

Bradbury, Moses, Jr.
(1793-1859) “Moses Bradbury Esq., whose death is noted on our obituary list, was a citizen much respected. Friends he had many. Enemies none. He was for successive years one of our municipal officers and for several years represented the town in the State Legislature. His loss will be regarded as a public one.” U & J 09/02/1859, p.2 c.7.

Bradbury, O. H.
Reminiscences of Bar Mills record found in family bible. Written by O. H. Bradbury, born in Bar Mills in 1822.

Public grammar and primary school (see Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools [1901]).

Bradford, Alfred S.
(1869-1904) Home at 101 South Street. Obit BWJ 01/29/1904, p.1 c.3-4. Tributes in BWJ 02/12/1904, p.8 c.6-7.

Brady, John (Reverend)
Obit BWJ 03/01/1907, p.6.

Bradbury, Gibeon E.
(1833-1904) Buxton painter and folk artist. Description of 3 paintings, see Maine Democrat newspaper 10/29/1867, p.2. Exhibits portraits of D.M. Owen family at York County Fair in Saco, see U & J 10/30/1857. Obit BWJ 12/16/1904, p.6 c.4.

Bragdon, H. H.
“Former Street Commissioner and quarry man died at his home on Pool Street 07/20/1928”. Obit BWJ 07/20/1928, p.6 c.4.

Bridgman, George
Biddeford Journal employee, died age 84. Obit BDJ 12/31/1951, p.2 c.2. See Photo collection #1311.

Brock, John
Died 11/01/1841 in Biddeford. From Samuel Merrill diary, p. 170.

Broggi, Carl
Civic leader in Sanford, died of a heart attack in 1956. Route 111 from Biddeford to Sanford named for him (“Carl Broggi Highway”). Obit BJ 03/08/1956, p.1 c.4.

Brooks, William Grant
Born 1869. Sketch of career in BDJ 01/17/1912, p.6 c.1-3.

Brown, William Wells
Ex-slave lectures at Central House (U & J. 06/19/1857, p.2 c.5).

Browning, Howard
(1908-1989) Biddeford Pool resident, published current affairs newsletter “The Irregular” from 1978-1988. General articles about him see PPH 01/25/1983 and JT 07/15/1989. Obit JT 08/22/1989. [Library owns most of the newsletters.]

Bryan, William Jennings
Article on visit of William Jennings Bryan in BWJ 02/02/1900, p.5 c.5-6.
Bryant, Benjamin F.
Left $1000 to McArthur Library. BWJ 11/19/1915, p.1. Obit BWJ 09/17/1915.

61-65 Main Street. Included in Main Street Historic District, National Register of Historic Places.

Bryant, Foxwell Cutts
(1797-1892) Pioneer ice cutter of Saco, 1839. Obit BWJ 10/07/1892.

Bryant, Lila Mosher
(1865-1922) Daughter of Captain Ben Mosher & sister of Mrs. Elizabeth Cowan. Born in old Merrill homestead on Elm Street on hill in back of Mosher Block. Obit BWJ 06/09/1922, p.1 c.5.

Bryant, Luther
(1818-1894) Born on Gooch Street, made his real estate investments on Peirson Heights around 1840. Obit BWJ 07/06/1894, p.3 c.8-9. Suit over will in 12/05/1894.

Bryant, Stephen
Departed this life 09/13/1819. From Samuel Merrill diary, p. 81.

Buckley, Daniel
Obit BWJ 02/16/1872, p.3 c.1.

Buckley, Dennis
Died 06/28/1901, from List of events of 1901

Buckley, John
Yard boss, father of Dennis and Michael Buckley. Obit BDJ 12/29/1897, p.6 c.2.

Buckley, Michael
Died 11/23/1901, from List of events of 1901.

Buker, Carver (Captain)
Died 07/03/1839, from Samuel Merrill diary, p.150.

Bull, Ole
So-called cult (Baha’i). Trial over estate in BDJ 05/17/1911 and 05/24/1911. Notice of former member Sarah J. Farmer in BWJ 11/24/1916, 12/01/1916, 01/12/1917.

Bullock, Wesley (Reverend)
(1818-1900) Obit BWJ 01/12/1900, p.8 c.3-4.

Bunker, Bachelor
Early settler of Biddeford Pool; “Bunker’s Point” possibly named for him. See Shores of Saco Bay, p.52.

Bunker, Stephen (Captain)
Biddeford man, died at New York. News of his death on 10/19/1828. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.119.

Bunkers, Peter
Died of Yellow Fever 06/19/1802. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.5.

Burbank, Grace T.
Teacher at the Birch Street Kindergarten (PHOTOGRAPH), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Burbank, Jane L.
Librarian at Dyer Library, Saco. Worked in Trenton (NJ) Library and Newark (NJ) Library. Thornton Academy Class of 1900. BWJ 07/01/1921, p.6 c.4.

Burbank, Master
Old schoolmaster; was member of John Paul Jones’ crew on Bon Homme Richard. BWJ 05/10/1889, p.3 c.1.

Burbank, S. Augusta
Assistant at Biddeford High School [No photograph], from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Burnham, Andrew H.
Home at 9 Graham Street. Born in MA, came to Biddeford about 1870; was in fishing business at Cape Porpoise. Obit BWJ 01/07/1921, p.8 c.5.

Burnham, David
Saco man, died age 79. U & J 07/25/1856, p.3 c.5.

Burnham, Francis
(1841-1888) Civil War veteran; ran a book store at Main & Washington Streets from 1869-1888. His brother John Burnham was treasurer of Hardy Co. Obit BWJ 01/20/1888, p.3 c.3.

Burnham, George
Died 1931. Goodwin Building Architect. See Portland Press Herald.

Burnham, George O.
Obit BWJ 05/12/1893, p.3 c.2.

Burnham, Harry H.
Master at Biddeford High School (PHOTOGRAPH), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901). Connected with Biddeford High School for 35 years. Obit BWJ 12/26/1930, p.3 c.5.

Burnham, John H.
(1830-1904) Father of Harry Burnham, lived at Bradbury Street. Obit BWJ 02/19/1904, p.7 c.1.

Burnham, Lewis P.
(1819-1890) One of the “Forty-niners”. Obit in BWJ 04/03/1890, p.3 c.5.

Burnham, William
Obit in BWJ 06/30/1871, p.3 c.1.

Burns, Clementine Kendrick
(1852-1922) C.K. Burns School (Saco) named in her honor. Born in Saco, attended Thornton Academy until 1869 closure, graduated Biddeford High School class of 1870. Obit in BWJ 06/30/1922, p.8 c.2-3.

Burns, Bezela A. (Coghlan)
Widow of Patrick Burns who died in an accident, Spring 1910. Born in Ireland, came to New York & Boston in 1852 and then to Saco. Married Burns in 1855and lived in Biddeford to 1862 when they moved to Saco. Original member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Obit BDJ 11/09/1912, p.5 c.3.

Buzzell, Alvan
Biddeford man, drowned in river at age 20. U & J 10/06/1854, p.2 c.3.