Cobb, Harlan P.
(1840-1907) Home at North Street, Saco. Dry goods merchant in Biddeford and Saco. Obit BWJ 03/22/1907, p.3 c.3-4.

Cochrane, Jacob
(1782-unk.) See “Report of the trial of Jacob Cochrane: on sundry charges of adultery, and lewd and lascivious conduct, before the Supreme Judicial Court begun and holden at York…in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, on the third Tuesday of May, 1819. (40 p.). Available on microfiche through U. Maine, Orono. See “The Cochrane Delusion” in Saco Valley Settlements by Ridlon (p.269-282). See “The Story of Waitstill Baxter” by Kate Douglas Wiggin, 1913: Ch.10 & Ch.18.
See “The Cochrane Craze” BWJ 01/12/1894 p.3 c7; “Jacob Cochrane: one of his disciples tells of his own conversion” BWJ 01/18/1895 p.3 c.5; “Cochrane’s Wiles” BWJ 02/01/1895 p.3 ; “Cochrane’s Craze” BWJ 02/15/1895 p.3 c.3; “Cochranism:…” BWJ 03/15/1895 p.3 c.2; “Cochrane’s Arrest…” BWJ 02/07/1896 p.4 c.5; “Bolted from court:…” BWJ 02/21/1896 p.1 c.4; “In state prison…” BWJ 03/20/1896 p.1 c.3-4; “End of Cochrane…” BWJ 11/20/1896 p.4 c.4; “Recollections of old resident…” BWJ 05/08/1896 p.1 c.4-5; “Two strange gods:…” BDJ 10/12/1892 p.3 c.3-8.

Cochrane, Jasper Duncan
Saco physician 1888-1924; home at 92 Elm Street (Saco). Died in 1924. BDJ 09/20/1957, pp.1 & 7.

Coffin, Edmund
His widow Mary Coffin died 11/04/1842 aged nearly 70. He died 01/28/1842. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.171.

Coffin, James
Of Saco, died aged 86 years, 11/27/1830. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.126.

Cohen, Sam L.
(1915-2003) Businessman and philanthropist. Son of Julius and Celia Cohen, was born, raised and educated in Biddeford along with his siblings Annetta, Beatrice, Charlotte, Bernard, George and Lester. Proprietor of the York Bottling Company. Started the Sam L. Cohen Foundation, a charitable organization, in 1983. Obit JT 03/25/2003, p.A2.

Cole, Benjamin (Captain)
Of this town-died on 12/24/1808 on Wood Island, had kept the light house there. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.16.

Cole, Benjamin F.
Directories show him as a Biddeford photographer from 1866 to 1875.

Cole, Byron
Son of Mrs. Harrison Lowell of Biddeford. Had been printer in Biddeford; went to California and then to Nicaragua with General Walker. Was a Colonel in Nicaraguan army and killed at battle of San Jacinto 09/14/1856. Obit in Maine Democrat 06/09/1857, p.2 c.5.

Cole, Daniel
Died with consumption 09/12/1818. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.77.

Cole, Elizabeth
Died 07/19/1818 widow of Jeremiah Cole. Seventy-two years old. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.77.

Cole, Ivory
(1841-1917) Farm on Ross Road, Saco. Obit BWJ 03/02/1917, p.8 c.5.

Cole, Jake
Marrying Justice, 1850. BWJ 05/24/1918, p.6 c.3.

Cole, Jere
Died Saturday night with consumption. Buried Tuesday 02/19/1828. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.115.

Cole, Jotham
Death notice of Jotham Cole of Biddeford, aged 76. U & J 02/06/1857, p.3 c.3.
Cole, Moses
Died with consumption 12/26/1825. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.106.

Cole, Nathaniel
Died with consumption age 64 years, 05/24/184[?]. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.166.

Cole, Nathaniel [and family]
Home at South Street. Mrs. Elizabeth Cole Seavey died in Providence RI 05/22/1900. Born in Biddeford in 1814, daughter of Nathaniel Cole. Old home known (in 1900) as Obed Emery place South Street opposite the Deacon Boynton place. Nathaniel Cole had a lumber business on Spring’s Island.

Cole, Mrs. Thomas
Obit BWJ 02/09/1894, p.3 c.3.

Cole, Thomas H. (Deacon)
(1815-1879) Life of Thomas Cole, BWJ 04/25/1879, p.2 c.5. Obit BWJ 04/11/1879, p.3 c.2. See also York County History p.206.

Cole, Thomas (Captain)
Died in Alexandria (formerly of Biddeford) 06/11/1814. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.40.

Condon, Thomas (Captain)
Died at sea before 08/20/1858. Master of ship Elizabeth Kimball from Calcutta to Boston. From Maine Democrat newspaper 11/02/1858.

Conlan, Warren J.
(1854-1912) Biddeford actor, lived at 230 Prospect Street. Died in Winnipeg, Canada. Obit BDJ 05/20/1912, p.7 c.3.

Conlon, Warren J.
Born in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1854; died in Winnipeg 05/14/1912. Interpreter of Shakespearean drams, account of life in West. BWJ 05/17/1912, p.1 c.3.

Conway, James
Obit BWJ 01/03/1902, pl8 c.2.

Conway, John
(1859-1907) Born in Biddeford, father of Bessie Conway. Obit BWJ 02/22/1907, p.7 c.2.

Coombs, Raymond R. (“Bobby”)
Died 10/21/1991, aged 83 years. Former pitcher for the Philadelphia Athletics. Died at his residence in Ogunquit. JT 10/23/91, p.2.

Cosgrove, William A. Senior
(1871-1912) Undertaker, born in Biddeford. Obit BDJ 05/04/1912 p.8 c.2.

Côté, François Xavier
Prosperous furniture dealer-“F.X. Cote Furniture”. Moved to Biddeford in 1862 with parents. Attended local schools, then worked 6 years at York Mills before opening his furniture store. See Lawton’s Franco-Americans of Maine, p.75 [PICTURE].

Coulombe, Joseph Felix (J. Felix)
(1889-1966) Biddeford man, star of amateur French players. Obit BDJ 01/11/1967, p.2.
Cousens, Franklin Burton
(1878-1902) Founder of speech contest. Obit BDJ 02/17/1902, p.6 c.2.

Cousens, Frank H.
Lived at Kossuth & South Streets. Obit BWJ 04/13/1900, p.7 c.1-2.

Cowan, Arthur
Died 12/04/1934. See History of the Old High School, Biddeford, Maine 1848-1881 by Mason, p.74.

Cowan, Edward L.
(1845-1904) Son of Louis O. Cowan; father of Arthur F. Cowan. Obit BWJ 06/17/1904, p.6 c.7.

Cowan, Fannie E.
Teacher at the Washington Street Grammar school. Photo in Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Cowan, Louis O. (Captain)
Died 02/28/1863, age 50; buried at Greenwood Cemetery. Obit U & J 03/06/1863, p.2 c.1. His wife, Caroline Fenno, died 11/30/1893, age 80.

Cowan, Caroline (Mrs.)
Postmistress under Lincoln. Obit BWJ 12/08/1893, p.3 c.2.

Crisp, Arthur W.
Died age 93; mural painter and former resident of New York City. Retired to Biddeford Pool. BJ 06/28/1974, p.2 c.2 and BJ 06/29/1974, p.1 c.2-4. See also Scrapbook A1.

Crisp, Grace
Mrs. Arthur Crisp. Obit BJ 11/24/1973, p.2 c.1.

Crowley, Florence
(1880-1961) Of Biddeford. Obit BDJ 11/20/1961, p.2 c.4

Crowley, John W.
(1861-1918) Obit BWJ 09/20/1918, p.2 c.5.

Crowley, Timothy
(1834-1912) Home at 98 Mason Street. Born in Ireland, came to Biddeford about 1852. Father of Jere, John, Dennis & Agnes (Flanagan). Obit BDJ 09/17/1912, p.8 c.4.

Cullinan, Thomas
(1836-1914) Born in Ireland. Came to Biddeford in 1855. Was a policeman for many years. BDJ 12/15/1914, p.3 c.3.

2(a) Main Street. Mill Historic District, National Register of Historic Places.

Cummings, Abraham L. T.
(1865-1951) Member of York County Wheelmen. Recites dialect poem filled with local references at Quillcote, Salmon Falls (home of Kate Douglas Wiggin). BWJ 07/30/1915, p.2 c.4-6. Life sketch BWJ 07/21/1916, p.7 c.5. [See photo collection #670]

Cummings, Angie (Morton)
(1867-1952) Widow of A. L. T. Cummings, died 08/31/1952 age 85. Obit BDJ 09/02/1952, p.2 c.2.

Cummings, Jane
(1829-1930) Mrs. Jane Cummings, one of the oldest Maine women [at the time]. Biddeford Scrapbook #2, p.109.

Cummings, James
Died with a kind of consumption 07/21/1827. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.113.

Cummings, Theodate
(1838-1923) Widow of John G. Cummings, and mother of A. L. T. Cummings. Born in Ossippee N.H. Came to Biddeford where she married John Cummings (died 02/27/1888). Mrs. Cummings’ obit BWJ 02/23/1923, p.1 c.5.

Currier, Nathaniel
(1823-1906) Home on Beach Street, Saco. Millwright and bridge builder; built 1877 Main Street bridge. Obit BDJ 12/29/1906 p.7 c.3.

Curtis, Charles
(1836-1904) Solitary farmer, owned Timber Point/Curtis Point in the Fortune’s Rocks area. Died 06/06/1904, obit BWJ 06/10/1904. Reminiscence by Jonathan Little (former summer lodger) appeared in BWJ 07/08/1904.

Curtis, Joseph F.
(1881-1957) Obit BDJ 12/16/1957, p.2 c.2.

Cutter, Abraham
Older brother of Barnabas Cutter. Born about 1799, came to Saco in 1826. In business as Mason with brother from 1842 to 1860. From 1860 to 1878 in coal business. York County History p.166.

Cutter, Abram E.
(1822-1900) Born in Newburyport, Mass. Father (Abraham) moved to Saco in 1826. Attended Thornton Academy for 3 years, moved to Boston in 1843. Died in Charlestown, Mass. BWJ 05/18/1900. Left $10,000 to Thornton Academy and $2000 to Dyer Library: BWJ 06/01/1900, p.8 c.2.

Cutter, Barnabas E.
(1813-1888) Builder, brother of Abraham. Life sketch in York County History p.190, image facing p.166. Died in Buxton. Obit BWJ 11/02/1888, p.3 c.2.

Cutter, George B.
(1843-1917) Son of Barnabas E. Cutter. Obit gives details on early construction activities in the Biddeford/Saco area. BWJ 11/30/1917, p.8 c.5-6.

Cutts, Dominicus
Born in 1778, son of Thomas Cutts. Ambassador to England, married Dolly Madison’s sister. House at Gooch & Main Streets on Factory Island, was moved to Biddeford and stood at Alfred and Washington Streets. Committed suicide by drowning in river. Died in Biddeford 05/09/1844. Death date from Samuel Merrill diary, p.183.

Cutts, Polly
Widow of Dominicus Cutts, died 12/16/1853 age 73. U & J 12/21/1853, p.3 c.1.

Cutts, Thomas (Colonel)
Died in Saco age 86 years, on 01/10/1821. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.85.

Cutts, Thomas (Captain)
Buried last Friday with consumption 07/21/1839. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.150.