Dalton, Benjamin
“Dalton the Button Man”. Obit BWJ 12/25/1891, p.3 c.2.

Dean, Ezra (Doctor)
(1778-1858) [No obit found in U & J]. Died sudden Sally Dean wife of Ezra Dean, in Biddeford 09/18/1811-from Samuel Merrill diary. Second wife of Ezra Dean, age 63, died 03/14/1842-from Samuel Merrill diary, p.173.

Dame, Hubert H.
(1860-1916) Had laundry on Pleasant Street, Saco. Obit BWJ 07/14/1916, p.8 c.5.

Dame, Thomas
Dropped dead on the floor of his house, 10/12/1823. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.93.

Davis, Gertrude M.
(1875-1964) Library service 16 years: full-time 1943-1953; part-time 1954-1959. Obit BDJ 03/31/1964, p.2.

Davis, John
Deceased last Sabbath morning age 75 years 03/04/1831. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.128.

Davis, Lester
(1810-1903) Home at Guinea Road, Biddeford. Went to sea at 13. His grandfather, John Davis, settled in Biddeford at Oak Ridge. Obit BWJ 11/13/1903, p.6 c.2.

Davis, Nathaniel
Obit U & J 04/07/1854, p.3 c.1.

Davis, Thomas (Captain)
Lost at sea 11/03/1824. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.98.

Day, Frederick A.
(1830-1911) Furniture merchant, lived at 93 South Street. Buried at Greenwood Cemetery near Rishworth Jordan. Story of business career (at time of retirement) BWJ 03/30/1906, p.2 c.1-2. Obit BDJ 10/31/1911, p.5 c.3-4.

Day, Thomas S.
(1792-1880) Buried in Greenwood Cemetery near Rishworth Jordan.

Dearborn, Edward
An organizer of the York County Wheelmen. Obit BWJ 12/11/1896, p.3 c.3.

Dearborn, Joseph
First son born 03/14/1813, son Henry died at sea about 19 years old 11/1835. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.141.

Dearborn, Joseph H.
(1819-1920) Born in Hollis, came to Biddeford as a shoe manufacturer. Was associated with Simon Newcomb; partner in shoe factory of Dearborn & Shaw. Built home on Elm Street, Biddeford (was 149, became 272-see BWJ 11/28/1884, p.3 c.1). Obit BWJ 10/01/1921, p.8 c.5-6. [House bought by Lena McArthur, BWJ 12/23/1921].

Dearborn, Joseph
(1842-1901) Born in Biddeford in old Dearborn house on South Street; stone cutter by trade. Died 11/29/1901. Obit BWJ 12/06/1901, p.8 c.5-6.

Dearing, Joseph F.
(1827-1895) Obit BWJ 01/04/1895, p.3 c.8.

Dearing [Deering], Lucia Kimball
(1852-1916) Trust fund for hospital in memorial to her father John E. L. Kimball upon death in 1916. See BWJ 07/28/1916, p.6 and 09/04/1917, p.3 c.1-3. City appoints Board of Trustees, funds amount to $500,000-BJ 06/05/1961.

Dearing, Nathaniel
Died in Saco 04/10/1843. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.176.

Dearing, Octavus A.
Printer; became first city librarian in 1863. Left in 1864 for California. In 1885 he was manager of the Pacific Type Foundry of San Francisco. See paragraph in BWJ 12/04/1885, p.3 c.2—described as a “native Biddefordian” who learned his trade in Journal office.

Decary, Arthur M. (Monsignor)
Victim of a holiday tragedy when he was struck and killed by an automobile near his residence in Dorval, Quebec, on Christmas eve. He was pastor for 31 years at St. Andre Catholic Church. BJ 12/26/1957, p.1 c.5-6. Throng pays tribute at rites from Monsignor Decary-BJ 12/30/1957, p.1 c.6-8.

Decary, Zenon (Reverend)
Assistant at St. Andre’s Parish, a brother of Reverend Monsignor A. M. Decary , pastor of the church, died in Montreal, Quebec. Said to have performed miracles and works of healing in the Biddeford area. BJ 07/26/1940, p.1 c.3.

Deering, Edward M.
Writing and Drawing Master (PHOTOGRAPH), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901). Claims to have introduced vertical handwriting in the U.S. in 1894-BWJ 06/21/1901, p.8 c.5. Had lived in grandfather’s house at Portland Road & Ross Road (Saco) when 5 years old-BWJ 07/12/1901. Died 10/23/1935.

Deering Family
Special in-depth family history, appeared in Journal Tribune 100th anniversary issue: see Section B of paper for January 26, 1984.

Deering, Gilman N.
Obit BWJ 04/15/1921, p.1 c.3-4. Estate estimated at $225,000-BWJ 04/22/1921, p.8 c.4-5.

Deering, John
Saco lawyer; present at President Lincoln’s assassination. Obit BWJ 03/08/1901, p.7 c.7.

Deering, Joseph G.
Saco man. First & final accounting of estate presented by Frank C. Deering. BWJ 01/13/1893, p.2 c.8.

Demaris, Ovid
Biddeford-born writer/journalist. Worked for UPI in Boston and the Los Angeles Times before turning to freelance work. Authored 33 books and numerous articles for magazines including Esquire and Parade. Appeared on CBS’s “60 Minutes” (JT 01/03/1981, p.3 c.1). Obit JT 03/14/1998.

Dennet, Samuel
Died in Pepperellborough 10/28/1800 “an old gentleman”. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.2.

Dennett, Ebenezer
Died in Saco 11/21/1844 age [?]. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.181.

Dennett, J. [James] Vaughn
(1867-1959) Amateur journalist, sailor, builder, book collector and fine furniture maker. Sailed to India at age 20, then went to M.I.T., graduating in 1893. Worked in Massachusetts, then retired home to Saco. Father Roscoe G. Dennett, mother Annie Olivia Berry, brother William Hartley Dennett. Married Ellen Bowers of Lynn, Mass., who died at age 85-Obit in BJ 11/09/1953. J. Vaughn Dennett died 07/06/1959. [Read more about J. Vaughan Dennett]

Dennett, John Q.
(1829-1912) Born in North Biddeford near Goodwin’s Mill Road, and died in same house. A member of first Biddeford City Council 1855. Obit BDJ 05/11/1912, p.6 c.1.

Dennett, Lora D. (Doctor)
(1851-1906) Physician, father of Carl Dennett. Obit BWJ 02/02/1906, p.1 c.1.

Dennett, Winfield S.
(1839-1913) Born in Buxton. Opened office in Saco as Civil Engineer in 1863. Agent of Saco Water Power Company from 1886-1911. Son died from drinking poisoned cider & Dennett sued cider seller for $10,000 (BWJ 05/20/1889, p.3 c.3-5.) Obit (Winfield) in BDJ 10/20/1913, p.8 c.2.

Dennis, Paul
Came to Biddeford in 1913 when he became part owner of J.O. Sansoucy furniture business. See Lawton’s Franco-Americans of Maine, p.93.

Deschambault, Clement
(1910-1975) Elected to four terms as Biddeford’s mayor, 1958-1962. Early career as police officer and police Captain, 1930’s until 1956. Owned and operated a grocery store out of the family home at 506 Main Street for 30+ years. [See archival collection, MS050.]

Deshaies, Albert F.
(1901-1964) Manager of Liggett’s store, Main Street since 1929. Obit BDJ 11/02/1964, p.2 c.2.

Dion, Napoleon
(1849-1921) Born in Canada. Came to Maine as a boy, and to Biddeford about 1861. Worked in Saco-Lowell, had undertaking business, furniture business, drug business and also once ran a restaurant. Obit BWJ 02/04/1921, p.8 c.1.


Dolloff, David Ernest (Doctor)
(1870-1948) Born in Monroe, Maine. Married Carrie Rand 06/22/1906. MD at Bowdoin Medical School. Came to Biddeford in 1908, practiced with M. Hubbard Ferguson. Story and picture of Army training (BWJ 06/08/1917, p.3 c.3-4) Obit BJ 11/29/1948, p.1 c.6-p.2 c.1. [See photo collection #1393]

Donnell, James (Captain)
Widow died 08/25/1840. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.160.  The Donnells lived on Pool Road. Samuel Merrill was a pall bearer at the widow’s funeral. A daughter of Donnell married Thomas C. Bradbury.

Donovan, Ellen
(1838-1921) Home at 35 High Street. Born in Ireland, came to Biddeford with parents when very young. Maiden name unknown. Obit BWJ 09/02/1921, p.7 c.2.

Douglass, Frederick
(1818-1895) Famous American ex-slave turned abolitionist and equal rights worker. Delivered lectures in Methodist Church on Alfred Street (U & J 01/19/1855); Lectured in Central Hall on Dred Scott case (U & J 04/02/1857, p.2 c.5.); Lectured in Biddeford again (U & J 03/28/1873, p.3 c.1). Interview with Douglass in Biddeford, BDJ 08/16/1890, p.3 c.3.

Dow, Neal
(1804-1897) Famous Maine prohibitionist. Obit BWJ 10/08/1897, p.1 c.4-5.

Dow, Olive N.
Teacher at Foss Street Primary school. Photo in Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Doyle, Michael
Died at age “about 70”. Came to Biddeford in youth; charter member of A.O.H. (Ancient Order of Hibernians—an Irish/Catholic organization). Obit BWJ 04/09/1920, p.7 c.6.

Doyon, Linière
Pharmacist and owner of Doyon’s Pharmacy. Came to Biddeford with parents at age 9 and attended local schools. Graduated Sherbrooke (Quebec) Seminary. Married Augustine Dubucand of Sherbrooke. Life sketch in Lawton’s Franco-Americans of Maine, p.129 [PICTURE].

Drain, Michael F. (Reverend)
(1870-1933) Born in Ireland. Ordained in Portland, Maine in 1890. Obit BDJ 07/17/1933, p.8 c.2-8.

Drake, Samuel Adams
(1833-1905) New England historian. Born in Boston, lived in Kennebunkport more than 30 years; Colonel in the Civil War. Son of Samuel G. Drake. Obit BWJ 12/08/1905, p.10 c.7.

Dresser, Daniel
Death notice of Daniel Dresser of Saco, aged 55. Born in Scarborough but lived in Saco for 30 years. U & J 12/25/1857, p.3 c.1.

Drew, Ted “Kid”
(1907-1982) Theodore Drouin, a/k/a Ted “Kid” Drew, Maine state lightweight boxing champion from 1926-1930. Only lost 22 fights out of a career 119 bouts, and had 18 KO’s. Served as a coach, teacher and mentor to other young boxers after his retirement. Served on the Biddeford Police Department for 25 years. See “Maine Boxing Records Book 1922-2000” by Dick Redmond, p.56 for complete record. Obit 6/28/1982, p.2. MCA image collection #’s 2578a, 2578b, 2578c.

Driscoll, Dennis
Died 08/25/1901.

12 Washington Street. Part of Main Street Historic District, National Register of Historic Places.

28-34 Water Street. National Register of Historic Places. Also included in Main Street Historic District, National Register of Historic Places.

Duffy, John W.
(1875-1956) Died 06/01/1956. Biddeford Scrapbook #6, p.107.

DuGuay, Helene
(1931- ) Poet. Biddeford/Saco Courier, 03/26/1992, p.20.

Dunham, Joseph
Departed this life, consumption. 12/14/1804. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.6.

Dupont, Pierre (Reverend Father)
(1844-1915) Obit and history, BWJ 12/17/1915, p.8 c.3. Fight begins over estate, French Canadian Institute opposed as trustee (BDJ 08/14/1917, p.3 c.6-7). Final court decision on will (BWJ 04/01/1921, p.1 c.1-2). Left $20,000 for either a monastery in Biddeford or for “spiritual welfare of the French people.”

Dutremble, Dennis “Duke”
Teacher and legislator. Served in the Maine Legislature from 1979-1994 for Biddeford, one term in the House and seven terms in the Senate. First Franco-American to serve as Senate President. Taught history and government at Thornton Academy, retiring in 2000. Inducted into Maine’s Franco American Hall of Fame in 2012. Grandson of Honore Dutremble, son of Lucien “Babe” Dutremble. (See JT 03/22/2012, p.3).

Dutremble, Honore
(1892-1932) Biddeford police officer shot and killed in the line of duty on April 8, 1932. Officer Dutremble was shot twice while attempting to apprehend a suspected car thief on Kossuth Street. He came to Biddeford from Canada with his parents when just a baby; he went to work in the mills at age 9, and worked there 28 years. In 1913 he married Rose Anna Binette, they had 13 children together. Dutremble had worked part-time for the Biddeford Police Department as well, and became a full-time officer in 1928. The family lived at 53 Wentworth Street, and Officer Dutremble walked the 2nd shift beat around Washington, Elm, Center and Main Streets. One son later Mayor of Biddeford. Headlines and obit (BDJ 4/9/1932, p.1-2. Also 4/10/1932, p.2; 4/12/1932, p.2.) 50th Anniversary retrospective, written by grandson Dennis Dutremble (JT 4/7/1982, p.1 and 4/8/1982, p.1).

Dutremble, Lucien “Babe”
Politician. Served as mayor of Biddeford from 1974-1979. Also served on the city council, in the state Legislature and as a commissioner for York County. Son of Honore Dutremble, father of Dennis “Duke” Dutremble.

Dyer, Algernon S.
Sub-master of Biddeford High School (PHOTOGRAPH), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Dyer, John
Of this town, died 01/12/1826, age 86. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.107.

Dyer, Thomas (Captain)
Was drowned at the Wharf sudden and accidental on 10/06/1806. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.10.