Eastman, Mary
Daughter of Saco attorney Philip Eastman. Lived in large Victorian home at the corner of North and Elm Streets, Saco. Gave the land for Eastman Park in Saco as a memorial to her father, Philip; now location of soldiers monuments and Christmas tree at the intersections of North, Elm, and Main Streets. Died at nephew’s home in Newton Center, Massachusetts on 02/24/1913. Her funeral was held at First Parish Congregational Church in Saco 02/26/1913. Reverend Chester B. Emerson, assisted by Reverend Carl Gates of Portland, officiated.

Eastman, Philip
Saco attorney, worked for the mills. Died 08/09/1869. Lived at large Victorian home on corner of North and Elm Streets in Saco. Daughter Mary Eastman left park to city in father’s memory.

Eddy, Mary Baker
Founder of Christian Science Church. Second husband was Dr. Daniel H. Patterson, who lived in Saco. (See Patterson, Daniel H.)

Eaton, Moses, Junior
(1796-1886) Craftsman. As a young man, stenciled walls in Kennebunk and North Saco. See Early American Wall Stencils by Waring (1937): p.78; discovery of his stenciling kit in Dublin, NH, p.56-58; sample of work, fig. 89; stencils fig. 58-59; original Eaton kit, fig. 18.

Economos, Thomas G.
Obit BDJ 04/04/1955, p.2 c.2. Widow Mardella Stewart Economos was a member of Christ Episcopal Church and was buried in Houlton, Maine.

Edgecomb, William
Of Biddeford, age 37; died at Bahue, South America on 02/05/1855. U & J 04/27/1855, p.3 c.2.

Edgerly, James
Attorney. Obit BWJ 02/14/1908, p.7.

Edwards, George W. (Captain)
Home at 75 Foss Street. Story on reunion of two Civil War veterans, both brothers, after 46 years—Capt G.W. Edwards, age 72 and Thomas H. Edwards, age 82 (BWJ 03/03/1893, p.3 c.2). Obit BWJ 05/19/1905, p.12 c.5.

Edwards, Joseph C.
(1853-1922) Son of Capt. Joseph Edwards. Died 03/29/1922; obit BWJ 03/31/1922, p.6 c.4.

Edwards, Joseph (Captain)
(1822-1892) Home at 709 Pool Road. Builder of Whalebone Cottage. Sons Oren B. and Joseph C. Member Grand Army of the Republic, Sheridan Post.  Obit BWJ 11/18/1892, p.3 c.4. Widow Elizabeth Page obit BWJ 01/02/1914, p.8 c.5. Story of family reunion and Christmas tree in BWJ 01/01/1892, p.3 c.1.

Edwards, Oren B.
(1857-1912) Born on Pool Road, son of Joseph & Elizabeth Page Edwards. Ran express business for 24 years with brother Joseph C. and son Oren B. Jr. He also carried mail to Biddeford Pool. Obit BDJ 11/04/1912, p.3 c.2.

Edwards, Oren B., Junior
Home at Pool Road (2 building below Whalebone Cottage) destroyed by fire. BWJ 02/02/1912, p.1 c.5.

Elliott, Timothy
(1842-1921) Home at 72 Mason Street. Born in Truro, Nova Scotia but spent most of life in Biddeford. Civil War veteran and former city marshal. Obit BWJ 07/22/1921, p.8 c.2.

Ellis, George
From Dedham, Massachusetts. Died of suffocation while superintendent overseeing construction of concrete replacement for Bradbury Bridge. Obit BJ 04/18/1921.

Emerson, James (Captain)
(1840-1906) Home at Ferry Lane. Followed sea for 40 years, making first voyage at age 13. Died in house in which he was born. Obit BDJ 11/02/1906, p.8 c.2.

Emerson, Stillman Harmon
(1845-1914) Civil War veteran, born in Biddeford. Born on Alfred Road towards Kennebunk line. Obit 01/30/1914, p.7 c.2-4.

116 Hill Street. National Register of Historic Places. Named for beloved Biddeford educator Thomas Emery.

Emery, Caleb (Doctor)
Served in Civil War at age of 15. Came to Biddeford in 1871. See schedule of life on 75th birthday, BJ 04/23/1920. Obit BWJ 11/13/1925, p.3 c.5-6.

Emery, Charles
Died in Haverill, Massachusetts. Obit BWJ 03/22/1918, p.3 c.4.

Emery, George Addison
(1839-1933) Saco native. Graduated Thornton Academy 1859 and Bowdoin College 1863. Municipal judge of Saco in 1867. Obit BDJ 01/09/1933, p.1 c.5 –p.7 c.1-2.

Emery, George L.
(1876-1944) Lawyer; partner in law firm of Cleaves, Waterhouse & Emery. Appointed Recorder of the Municipal Court of Biddeford in 1898. Son of Lewis W. Emery of Kennebunkport and Susan A. Hamilton Emery of Waterboro. Married to Mabel Moulton. Gave speech reviewing political history of Biddeford (BWJ 02/18/1921, p.1 c.6-7). Obit BDJ 10/03/1944, p.1 c.7-p.2 c.2. See also Bickford’s Local landmarks, p.23.

Emery, Hannah
Died age 91, widow of Daniel Emery. U & J 03/23/1855, p.3 c.3.

Emery, Haven (Captain)
Died in Biddeford 04/10/1840. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.157.

Emery, James
(1843-1922) Born in Biddeford, son of Nathaniel Emery. Went to sea at an early age with his father who was a sea captain. Later commanded a tug boat. Obit BWJ 12/29/1922, p.8 c.1.

Emery, Ralph
Was driving oxen and got hurt by the wheel somehow and died 07/24/1830. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.125.

Emery, Rebecca Hitchcock
(1697-1786) Widow of Captain Smit, married Nathaniel Ladd of Falmouth. See BJ 01/29/1964, c.9. Biddeford Scrapbook #7, p.26.

Emery, Samuel
Biddeford born, drowned age 33 crossing river near Sacramento, California. Went to California in 1849. Son of Capt. Samuel Emery of Biddeford. U & J 06/13/1851, p.3 c.1.

Emery, Samuel (Captain)
Died 04/23/1850, age 79. Union newspaper, 04/26/1850.

Emery, Simon (Captain)
Died in New York with yellow fever 11/02/1825. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.104. [Son] James Freeman Emery was killed by Indians while journeying in Texas 09/21/1841. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.168.

Emery, Thomas (Captain)
Died suddenly, 02/10, age about 80. BWJ 02/17/1865, p.3 c.1.

Emery, Thomas H.
Biddeford school teacher, worked in multiple schools; (PHOTOGRAPH), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901). Tribute at time of his resignation in 1891 (BWJ 12/18/1891, p.3 c.4). Bronze memorial tablet put up in 1914 (Biddeford Scrapbook #6, p.16-17). Special celebration and gift of portrait in 1918 (Biddeford Scrapbook #6, p.17).

Emmons, Gowen
(b. 1850) Worked as a quarryman and stone-cutter in Biddeford quarries prior to opening his own business in granite under the name Gowen Emmons & Co. See Bickford’s Local landmarks, p.20.

Emond, F.X. (François Xavier)
Born in Biddeford in 1887 to John F. and Anastasie Emond. Fluctuated between shoe business and undertaking. Graduated from Massachusetts School of Embalming. Life sketch in Lawton’s Franco-Americans of Maine, p.176-7. [Sister Marie Rose (Emond) Fournier was a piano teacher in the city, see MS 84.]

Emond, Marie Rose
(1901-1978) Piano teacher; sister of F.X. Emond, Funeral Director. See FOURNIER, MARIE ROSE.

Etchells, James E.
(1862-1926) Obit BWJ 04/02/1926, p.1 c.3.

Etchells, John
Obit BWJ 02/24/1888, p.3 c.3.

Evans, Thomas L.
Died 08/03/1957. Biddeford merchant: Observes 87th birthday & Sketch of career. (Biddeford Scrapbook #6, p.101).