Mustafa Fuat (Henry Kasem)

Kasem, Henry
Mustafa Fouad (Fuat) – later Henry Kasem – was an Albanian immigrant, religious leader and grocer in Biddeford at the turn of the 20th century. He was one of the founders of the first effective mosque in North America, right in Biddeford, Maine, as a founder of the National Muhammadan Religious Society of America. His grocery was located at 86 Smith St, Biddeford, Me. which was located in the area of the intersection of Main and York Streets today.
After coming to America in 1913, he opened a grocery in Biddeford. Later moved to the midwest before settling in New York, and changing his name to Henry Kasem. In the book KALENDARI I VATRES I MOTIT 1918 p. 38 (translation): “The National Muhammadan Religious Society of America was founded in Biddeford, Maine on April 5, 1915. The first seniority was elected as follows: Chairman Mr. Qani Hilmi Bilishti, Secretary Iliza Permeti, Treasurer Mr. Telha Kanan Panariti, elder Mr. Mustafa Fuat Kapshtica, Ahmet Veli Suli.”One of the National Muhammadan Society of America which established in 1915, the first effective mosque in North America. See image collection (2022.011.1-6).

Kearney, Patrick J.
(1858-1920) Born in Biddeford. Obit BWJ 10/29/1920, p.8 c.7.

Keay, Ivory
Of Biddeford. Went to California on brig “Sam & Ben”, died on shipboard on way home in December 1850. U & J, 02/28/1851, p.3 c.3.

Keeley, Leslie E.
(1832-1900) Bi-chloride of gold process. City Report of 1892-1893, p.49.

Kelley, Mary E.
Teacher at the Foss Street Grammar school. Photograph in Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Kelly, Mrs. Melville H.
(1853-1921) Daughter of Samuel W. and Mary Lunt. Taught in Biddeford schools 14 years. Home was on Old Orchard Road, taken over by Biddeford & Saco Country Club. BWJ 01/21/1921, p.8 c.7.

Kendall, L. H. (Colonel)
Obit BWJ 11/27/1908, p.7 & 8.

Kendall, Nathan W.
Obit BWJ 11/08/1929, p.6 c.1.

Kendall, Robert [& John Etchells]
Obit BWJ 02/24/1888, p.3 c.3.

Kenneally, Raymond
University of New England administrator & advocate. See Vertical File–Biddeford Biography; also JT and Courier.

Kimball, Nathaniel E.
Son of Judge Nathaniel Kimball. Obit BWJ 02/10/1911, p.8 c.6.

Kimball, Nathaniel (Judge)
Made brick token to use a currency during Civil War, token passed for 75¢, BWJ 10/17/1884, p.3 c.1. Character sketch, BWJ 11/27/1885, p.3 c.5. Obit BWJ 03/20/1891, p.3 c.2. Story of practical joke involving Sandy Brook & Sandy Brook Lighthouse, BWJ 11/25/1921, p.7 c.4.

Kindrick/Kendrick, Samuel
Died with a cancer in his throat or neck in Saco 02/22/1822. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.85.

King, Cyrus
Born in Scarborough at Governor King house in 1819. Nephew of governor celebrates 92nd birthday. In shipbuilding business; King house built about 1746. BDJ 07/03/1911, p.6 c.1-2.

King, Jonathan
Died 02/11/1849, aged 65. Union [newspaper] 02/16/1849, p.3 c.4.

King, Rufus
Ambassador to England under President Thomas Jefferson.

King, William
First Maine governor died 06/17/1852, aged 84. Obit U & J 06/23/1852, p.3 c.1. Special article in U & J 06/30/1952, p.1 c.5-6.

Intersection of South St and Elm St, Biddeford. (Source: City of Saco/City of Biddeford map (p.95), York County Atlas, 1872.)

King’s Corner, Biddeford – at the intersection of South and Elm Streets (1872)

Knight, Louis Aston
Knight, Charles
Aston Knight was a landscape painter who summered in Biddeford Pool. Charles Knight was an architect, and at one point the only practicing American architect in Paris. [Twins? Card states “Born Poissy, France, 1877” but doesn’t indicate which one. Unclear relationship.]

Kozloff, William J.
Died aged 67. Home on McKenney Road in Saco. BJ 11/04/1974, p.2 c.1.