Small, Andrew Jackson
(1837-1885) Editor & Proprietor of the Biddeford Daily & Weekly Times. Bought Daily Chronicle of F. W. Roberts 07/15/1876 and changed name to Daily Evening Times. Obit BWJ 02/06/1885, p.3 c.3.

Small, Ella E.
Teacher at Birch Street grammar school (PHOTOGRAPH), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Small, John Henry
Reminiscences of life in Biddeford from 1848 on. BWJ 12/14/1923, p.7 c.2.

Small, Josephine
Owner of the Biddeford Times in the [18]80’s. Biddeford Scrapbook #2, p.94.

Small, Levi
Of Biddeford, died of cholera in California. U & J 01/10/1851, p.3 c.2.

Small, Rufus (Captain)
(1814-1907) Born in Limington, had been in business  in Biddeford. Spent 52 years in life insurance business. Wrote policy on life of President Andrew Johnson & solicited Abraham Lincoln 3 times for life insurance. Died in New York at his son’s home, buried in city cemetery in Biddeford. Obit BWJ 05/03/1907, p.7 c.3.

Smith, Alason
Having been confined all winter, being 81 years old, died 05/27/1817. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.67.

Smith, Annie E.
Teacher at No. 8 Rural School [Photograph], from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Smith, Annie O.
Teacher at No. 9 Rural School [Photograph], from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Smith, David
Deceased. Estate near lower meeting house on Pool Road, corner Guinea Road (called Kennebunkport Road) to be sold. U & J, 09/20/1850, p.3 c.2.

Smith, Enoch
Died instantly with no warning, 07/14/1819. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.80.

Smith, George
(1844-1916) Home at 109 Hill Street. Worked in paints and wallpaper. Civil War veteran, 18th Maine, Distinguished service. Obit BDJ 06/01/1916, p.6 c.6.

Smith, Herbert E. B.
(b.1872) Purchased tailor shop at 98 Main Street owned by his uncle in 1895; offered men’s wear, remodeling, repair and dyeing services. See Bickford’s Local landmarks, p.31.

Smith, Horace
(1837-1901) Kept grocery at Kings Corner. Obit BWJ 03/29/1901, p.8 c.7.

Smith, Ivory (Captain)
Deceased March 10th in California. Born in Kennebunk, formerly landlord of York Hotel, Saco. U & J 04/13/1853, p.3 c.1.

Smith, J. G. C.
Ex-mayor of Biddeford. Obit BWJ 02/18/1927.

Smith, James (Doctor)
“The Saco Tragedy—Murder Due to Abortion”, Portland (ME) Eastern Argus 04/30/1850. See also DeWolfe’s Murder of Mary Bean and other stories.

Smith, James H. (Doctor)
Of Saco, age 46. Obit U & J 04/20/1855, p.3 c.2.

Smith, James Jr.
Obit U & J 09/07/1854 p.2 c.5 – p.3 c.3.

Smith, John T.
Farmer and member of Biddeford City government in the 1880’s. See sketch in York County History, p.213.

Smith, Joseph
Age 74. Burial from residence of “the late James Smith, jr” on Main (Elm) st”. U & J 03/23/1855, p.3 c.3.

Smith, Joseph
Death notice of Joseph Smith of Biddeford, age 91. Born in Biddeford. Died in house of his brother, James Smith. U & J, 12/25/1857, p.3 c.1.

Smith, Joseph W.
(b.1831) Author of Gleanings from the sea (1887). Purchase of Biddeford Pool property & resort expansion plans (BDJ 03/17/1888). Partner in firm of Smith & Dove Manufacturing Company in Andover, Mass. Makes assignment of all real & personal property to satisfy firms debts (BDJ 02/11/1889 p.3 c.5, BWJ 02/15/1889 p.3 c.4). Gives his recollections of 50 summers spent at Pool 1839-1889. Mentions people, places, ships and river steamers (BWJ 07/28/1889 p.1 c.6-7). Began coming to Pool from Exeter NH by stage before the Portland, Saco & Portsmouth RR was built (BWJ 07/14/1905 p.7 c.2). 75 years old and seriously sick; taken from Pool to home in Andover Mass-has been coming to Pool for 65 years (BWJ 09/07/1906 p.8 c.7). Still alive (BWJ 05/17/1907 p.8 c.2).

Smith, Nellie F.
Of Saco. In Dyer Library, Saco for 42 years. Died at Arlington, Mass. 03/30/1938 at age of 70. Obit BDJ 03/30/1938. See also Scrapbook #2, p.107.

Smith, Peter
Son, age 19, drowned at lower Meeting House Eddy. From Samuel Merrill diary, 07/01/1843.

Smith, T. W. A.
Florist, with shop and greenhouses at 23 Prospect Street. See Bickford’s Local landmarks, p.20.

Smith, Thomas (Captain)
Deceased about two weeks ago with consumption, 07/20/1819. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.80.

Intersection of River St., Elm St., and Gooch St., Biddeford (just north of Smith St.) (Source: City of Saco/City of Biddeford map (p.95), York County Atlas, 1872.)

Smiths Corner, just below Bradbury Bridge to Springs Island, 1872.

Snow, Annie C.
Teacher at No. 10 Rural School (PHOTOGRAPH), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste
Organized in 1867, admitted to l’Union on 14 October 1869, and incorporated 9 April 1873 under the name “Société St-Jean-Baptiste de Bienfaisance de Biddeford, Me.”. Franco-American benevolence society; which was the sponsor of many of the Franco clubs, societies and fraternal organizations of Biddeford. Helped establish paroisse St. Joseph, Biddeford’s first French parish, in 1870. A sponsor of the annual celebration of St. John’s Day on June 24. Affiliated groups included: Fusiliers Laurier (Laurier Rifles). Bought brick block on corner of Main and Elm in 1896. Given Agent McArthur home on Jefferson Street by Pepperell Co. in 1926 (“Union St. Jean Baptiste Given Lease of McArthur House by the Pepperell”, Weekly Journal, 03/12/1926, p.3.) See: “Grand Celebration. Many and Beautiful Decorations. 25th Anniversary of St. Jean Baptiste Society.”, Weekly Standard, 07/22/1892, p.3. “Society Parades with Flags and Banners” Weekly Record, 07/20/1917. “1867–1917 La Société St-Jean-Baptiste de Biddeford celébre son cinquantenaire par une grand’messe solennelle.”, La Justice de Biddeford, 07/19/1917, p.2. “600 Find Joy at 50th. Anniversary of Society.”, Biddeford Recorder, 11/02/1917, p.5. “Les 75 Ans de la Societe St-Jean-Baptiste Bienfaisance”, La Justice de Biddeford 06/26/1942, p.1. “Playing before an estimated crowd of 15,000 are members of Painchaud’s Band.”, Biddeford-Saco Journal, 07/17/1967, p.2. “Society Will March Sunday In Observance”, Biddeford Journal, 09/21/1967, p.3. “Termed a success by all attending was the Centennial Ball held by the Societe St. Jean de Bienfaisance Saturday night.” Biddeford Journal, 09/11/1967, p.2.

Somes, Daniel E.
First mayor of Biddeford (1855). Came from New Hampshire in 1846, and was a successful developer and businessman in Biddeford and Saco. Elected to Congress in 1858, and remained in Washington, D.C. thereafter. See Yorke’s History and Stories of Biddeford, p. 41 + 45.

Spill, Simon (Judge)
Addresses graduation class of 1922. BDJ 07/16/1922, p.8.

Spring, Charles (Colonel)
(1826-1900) Died in Hingham, Mass. Great grandson of Seth Spring; Spring Street, Saco part of old Spring Farm. Son of Lewis Spring. Former home was the Jordan house on Storer Street, in the rear of Saco Bank. Obit BWJ 03/30/1900.

Spring, Seth (Captain)
(1754-1839) Veteran of Bunker Hill [American Revolution] in service 3 years. Came to Biddeford in 1780. Died 10/11/1839 at the age of 85. Pepperell Records p.247.

Public primary and grammar school. (See also Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools [1901]).

St. Michel, Charles Antoin
(1847-1919) “Charley Mitchell” Dies at 72, oldest barber in Biddeford. Born in St. Robert, PQ [Canada] 1847. Came to Biddeford at age 7. BWJ 05/30/1919, p.7 c.6-7.

Stackpole, Obed F.
(1846-1917) Oak Street, Biddeford. A U.S. Deputy Marshal under Charles B. Harmon. BWJ 02/02/1917, p.8 c.4.

Stanton, James F.
(1838-1921) Lived at 22 Graham Street. Born in England, parents had moved here from Ireland. Came to Biddeford about 1870. Was a mule spinner, had tenor voice and was director of St. Mary’s choir. Obit BWJ 01/28/1921, p.2 c.1.

117 Main Street. Included in Main Street Historic District, National Register of Historic Places.

Ship yard at Pool Road, Biddeford. Started about 1922 by Herbert Johnson and Frank Staples. Built a range of personal/pleasure boats, which were sold by outlets across the country and in boating magazines such as “Yachting”. Operated until the late 1930’s, before the outbreak of WWII, at which point the business closed for the duration. It was re-vitalized after the war under the name Marblehead Boat Yard. See MS999 Staples, Johnson & Co./Marblehead Boat Yard for boat images [copies also available to view in Vertical File “Ships and Shipbuilding”].
SEE ALSO: Marblehead Boat Yard; Rumery’s Boat Yard.
SEE ALSO: Maine Memory Network exhibit: “Shipbuilding in Biddeford: Lore, Leaders and Legacy” (

Staples, Edward W.
(1836-1905) Mayor of Biddeford 1883-1885, 1890-1893. Built Staples Block on Main Street. Son of Joseph Staples and born on Staples Farm, Guinea Road (5th generation). Wife’s obit BWJ 02/05/1904, p.1 c.2. Obit BWJ 01/20/1905, p.7 c.1-3. [Card indicates photo of Staples & wife exists in Library’s “Picture file”] Father of Everett, Lytton, and Sidney.

Staples, Edward W.
(1835-1917) Home at 169 West Street. Had a store in the Crystal Arcade on Main Street. Son of Abner & Abigail Staples, father of Rose, Georgia and Lou Staples. Obit BWJ 10/05/1917, p.8 c.5.

Staples, Elisha Jr.
Died suddenly 02/16/1818. From Samuel Merrill diary p.73.

Staples, Elisha
Died in Old Orchard, about 90 years old, 05/27/1825. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.101.

Staples, Frank B.
One of founders of Staples Johnson & Co. which became the Marblehead Boatyard. Obit BDJ 05/01/1965, p.2 c.2.

Staples, Georgia A.
Assistant at Summer Street Grammar School (PHOTOGRAPH), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Staples, Henry (Captain)
Commanded ship Golden Star bound from Mobile [Alabama?] for Liverpool. Ship wrecked near Wexford, England and the captain, his wife, servant girl and 16 crew members were lost. the mate & 6 men were saved. Captain Staples lived in Lower Biddeford. BWJ 01/18/1861, p.2 c.6.

Staples, Henry W.
(1839-1916) Built Old Orchard House that burned in 1875. Rebuilt it and owned & managed it until his death. Obit BWJ 09/22/1916, p.6 c.2. Leaves estate of $125,000 (BWJ 10/06/1916, p.8 c.3).

Staples, Joseph
Died of consumption 12/22/1812. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.28.

Staples, Joseph
(1759-1832) Died 01/20/1832 age 73, A Revolutionary pensioner. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.133.

Staples, Lytton E.
(1871-1937) Biddeford Savings Bank treasurer for 37 years. Brief biography and picture in article on the 100th anniversary of Biddeford Savings Bank. BSJ 07/11/1967, p.1 & p. 5. See also Scrapbook #9, p.11 – 12. A son of Edward W. Staples; married Inez Hill (1877-1972) on December 26, 1899 – their wedding announcement appeared in the society updates of the Boston Globe on December 19, 1899. Died in November 1937.

Staples, Marcia A.
(1852-1933) Born in Biddeford, daughter of Timothy Shaw Jr. and sister of Jere G. Shaw. Married Orrin H. Staples in 1871. Obit BDJ 01/18/1933, p.2 c.7.

Staples, Nathaniel
Departed this life 12/12/1804. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.6.

Staples, Orrin H.
History of owner of Marble Block (built 1878) and brother of ex-Mayor Edward Staples. Married to Marcia Shaw. Obit BWJ 05/17/1889, p.3 c.3.

Staples, Sidney A.
(1887-1957) Obit BDJ 03/18/1957, p.2 c.2.

Stearns, John
Obit U & E 09/09/1859, p.2 c.3.

Stefanau, Anastas
Albanian factory worker convicted of the murder of fellow Albanian Anastas Costas in the yard of the Laconia Mills in 1906. Died at Thomaston while serving eight year sentence. (Picture) BDJ 06/01/1908, p.8 c.2.

Stern, Benjamin
(1885-xx) Jewish + Socialist community activist, Maine House of Representatives.

Stevens, Asa (Captain)
Masonic funeral, died in Boston, body brought from Boston in tarred sheet. 09/06/1816. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.62.

Stevens, Elizabeth
Mill worker who, upon her death, left life savings to McArthur Library to establish a public reading room. Boarded at 116 Alfred Street, home of Charles M. McIntire, a quarryman. Inscription on gravestone at Greenwood Cemetery: “Died March 30, 1881  Aet 41”. See also special newspaper The Nightly Comet, 02/1902.

Stevens, John (Reverend)
Methodist minister, Ku Klux letter received by him. U & J 12/23/1868 p.3 c.1 [card indicates this date is wrong, correct date unknown] See also Democrat writers vs Grant clubs 11/06/1868, p.3 c.1. Retires from Methodist church in York. U & J 11/6/1868, p.3 c.2.

Stevens, Moses
Died 02/03/1818 after returning from a voyage with Capt. S. Emery. Died supposedly with West Indies Fever. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.72.

Stevens, William
Died 03/07/1807 of Biddeford. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.12.

Stevenson, John
Died in Biddeford two weeks ago, 03/15/1832. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.133.

Stevenson, William
Died at age 80 years old. 12/13/1822. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.89.

Stimpson, Jeremiah C.
Of Saco, age 67. U & J 07/06/1855, p.3 c.4.

Stone, Barney
Oldest person in Biddeford. Born in Ireland, 1802. Obit BWJ 11/21/1902.

Stone, Daniel
Had farm and tannery around Main-Lincoln streets in Biddeford, late 18th/early 19th century. “Mr. Stone’s farm, on which his tannery was situated, extended from the present South street, northerly to Saco river. The vats were located in what is now a part of Main street and the lot occupied by the Quinby & Sweetser block. […] The present Stone street was named for Daniel Stone and was originally a town way. The present Lincoln street was then a private way, owned by the Pepperell company. By an arrangement between the city of Biddeford and the Pepperell company, an exchange was effected and Stone street became a private way and Lincoln street a city street.” Excerpted from “HISTORICAL INCIDENTS OF BIDDEFORD – Col. F.W. Roberts Tells Story of Old Tannery Vats on Main St.”, BWJ 02/20/1914 p.2 c.1-2.

Stone, Edwin
(1840-1922) Lawyer, 5 Graham Street. Born in Porter, Maine. Came to Biddeford about 1869. Obit BWJ 06/09/1922 p.5 c.5.

Stone, Edwin
(1863-1919) Home at 251 Alfred Street. Obit BWJ 03/07/1919, p.8 c.5.

Stone, Levi W.
(1836-1919) Obit BWJ 04/18/1919, p.7 c.5.

SEE Stone, Daniel

Stone, Thomas
(1861-1921) Biddeford Police Chief. Obit BWJ 06/17/1921, p.1 c.2-3.

Storer, Seth (Captain)
Died in Richmond [Virginia?] was formerly of Saco 09/03/1821. From Samuel Merrill diary p.85.

Stowe, Charles E. (Reverend)
Of Saco. Son of Harriet Beecher Stowe. See “First Parish Congregational Celebrates 225”. JT 10/10/1987, p.9 c.1.

Strout, Charles S.
Principal of Summer Street Grammar School (PHOTOGRAPH), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Strout, James A.
(1842-1917) Born in Chatham NH. Came to Biddeford in 1870. Was mayor in 1879. Obit BWJ 10/12/1917 p.8 c.6-7 & BDJ 10/09/1917, p.8 c.2-3.

Sullivan, E. J.
Former Fire Chief of Biddeford. Died at Washingtonville, NY, 07/17/1928. Obit BWJ 07/20/1928, p.6 c.3.

Sullivan, James
(1744-1808) Born in Berwick, Maine. Member of First Continental Congress, later Governor of Massachusetts (included District of Maine). Founder of Limerick, Maine. Died in December 1808 (from Samuel Merrill diary). See also Hale’s Memories of a Hundred Years, V.1, p.300. Biographical sketch in Memorial History of Boston, V.IV, p.590-593. Letter from Biddeford to Kittery 12/24/1774 in Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder, V.1 p.68-70.

Sullivan, John L.
Trouble with lawyer Max L. Lizotte-BWJ 05/19/1893, p.3 c.4 – 7.

Public grammar and primary school. (See also Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools [1901]).

Sullivan, Timothy
(1847-1922) Born in Cork, Ireland. Came to U.S. about 1870. BWJ 03/03/1922.

Public grammar and primary school. (See also Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools [1901]).

Sutherland, Kenneth W.
Ran a confectionery in Maine & New Hampshire from 1878-1895, when he sold the business and became manager of the City Opera House. Served in city government, and owned a summer home in Biddeford Pool. See Bickford’s Local landmarks, p.16. Killed in auto accident. Obit BWJ 06/22/1923, p.8 c.6 – p.7 c.2.

Sweetser, Cornelius
(1808-1881) Came to Saco in 1846. Benefactor of Saco, estimated worth $200,000. Died 12/20/1881 Obit U & J 12/23/1881, p.3 c.4. See complete will 01/06/1882, p.1 c.3-7. All information recopied in Biddeford Journal of 01/03/1941, p.10.