Taft, William Howard
U. S. president, visited Biddeford Pool on 07/27/1910. See also Photograph Collection.

Tarbox, Daniel
Died aged 92 years 06/20/1831. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.131.

Tarbox Family
Complete genealogy given from 1639, BWJ 11/9/1888, p.2 c.6 and 11/23/1888, p.1 c.7.

Tarbox, Frank
Went West from Biddeford in 1861. Came back in 1866 and then went West again in 1876. Now returned after 30 years in which he had not seen his wife and daughter. Is now 74, comments on changes in Biddeford. BWJ 05/25/1906, p.7 c.5.

Tarbox, Fred A.
(1861-1922) Born in Biddeford. Former city marshal, and later chief of police at Fitchburg, Mass. Later was noted private detective. BWJ 05/05/1922, p.1 c.3.

Tarbox, Henry C.
(1830-1920) Home at Pool Road. Captain in coastwise trade until 1906. Died 05/06/1920 at age 89. Obit BWJ 05/07/1920, p.8 c.6.

Tarbox, John
Died in Biddeford of consumption, seventy or more. 06/05/1809. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.14.

Tarbox, John Jr. (Captain)
Sailed from this port and have not been heard from since. 03/04/1831. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.128.

Tarbox, John (Captain)
Of Biddeford, age 80. Obit U & J 12/17/1851, p.3 c.1.

Tarbox, Mark
Had fever and died in New York, 12/10/1825 on Thursday last. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.106.

Tarbox, Moses
Died 04/20/1849 age 51 years. Buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

Tarbox, Sophia (Sophie)
(1846-1918) Taught in Biddeford 42 years. Obit BWJ 02/08/1918, p.8 c.6. Teacher, Spruce Street Grammar School [Photograph], from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

29 Ferry Lane. National Register of Historic Places.

Tarr, Herman E.
(b.1878) Originally from Massachusetts. Came to Biddeford and became secretary of the corporation and manager of the Saco Furniture Company. See Bickford’s Local landmarks, p.37.

Tarr, James F.
(1838-1918) Born in Gardiner, came to Biddeford in 1860’s. Was shipmaster at 20, Civil War veteran, and Assistant Superintendent in Saco Water Power machine shop. Obit BWJ 08/02/1918, p.8 c.5-6.

Tatterson, Estelle
Amateur historian and writer of Biddeford. Writings located in Scrapbook #2: BHS Alumni (p.16); Biddeford Library (p.11-14); Century of Newspapers (p.28); Early churches and ministers (p.17-20); Old times along the Saco (p.22-23); Saco Library (p.14); Saco Tercentennial (p.21); Story of Factory Island (p.24-25, 70); Transportation (p.26). See also Biddeford Scrapbook #2, p.93. Obit BDJ 01/04/1934, p.1.

Tatterson, Harry Jordan
(1852-1895) Trained as lawyer. Principal of Birch Street Grammar School (PHOTOGRAPH), memorial tribute from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901). Was married to Estelle J. Tatterson. See Biddeford school report 1895, p.83. Died suddenly at Biddeford Pool, Obit BWJ 07/26/1895, p.3 c.7.

Taylor, Herden
Pioneer in brick making. Came to Biddeford in 1852. Obit BWJ 04/23/1897, p.3 c.4.

Taylor, Zachary
Biddeford-Saco reaction to death of U.S. President; funeral hymn by Charles Granger – Union 07/12/1850 p.2; Laconia Mills did not close – Union 07/19/1850 p.2 c.4 & 7/26/1850 p.3 c.2.

193 Main Street. Originally called BIDDEFORD HOUSE. Included in Main Street Historic District,  National Register of Historic Places.

(1754 – 1824) Congressman from Massachusetts, District of Maine 1789-1801. Member of Continental Congress, member of 1st – 6th U.S. Congresses. Married Sarah Savage in 1784. Wife died 03/30/1844, aged 84-gravestone in Woodlawn Cemetery. (From Samuel Merrill diary).

Contemporary reflections on Thacher can be found in Folsom’s History of Saco and Biddeford, p.298-302. He also appears in his contemporary Samuel Merrill’s diary, p.96. Multiple entries on Judge Thacher can be found in various Congressional histories: SEE entry in Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774-Present. SEE entry in United States House of Representatives: History, Art and Archives.

New scholarship on Judge Thacher was published in 2019: THE INSURGENT DELEGATE: Selected Letters and other Writings of George Thatcher. William C. diGiacomantonio, editor. Boston · 2019, The Colonial Society of Massachusetts. Distributed by the University Press of Virginia. [See above] Thacher was also added to the Biddeford Cultural & Heritage Center’s Biddeford Hall of Fame in 2020.

The library has a collection of Judge Thacher’s letters: George Thacher papers (MS 1), McArthur Library Archives and Special Collections. The remainder of his papers are scattered amongst a number of collecting organizations, a list of which is available here.

Thacher, George (Colonel)
Death and obituary of Col. George Thacher, son of Judge George Thacher. Dies in Westford, aged 67. Was born in Biddeford in September, 1789. Harvard graduate, 1812. Was first captain of the Harvard Washington corps. U & J 06/19/1857, p.2 c.7.

Thacher, Jane B.
(1802-1894) Daughter-in-law of Judge George Thacher. Her husband, Josiah, died in 1836, aged only 37, and she never remarried. Lived most of her life in Portland with her daughter, Mrs. George Hall, at 82 Chestnut Street. (Name written as both Thatcher and Thacher in obituary!)

Thivierge, Helene
(1883-1963) Daughter of Dr. Narcisse Thivierge. Obit BDJ 02/07/1963, p.2 c.2. [Information found on father’s index cards]

Thivierge, Narcisse (Doctor)
Founder of the first French drug store in Biddeford, and father of the Thivierge sisters of this city. (BDJ, 08/10/1953, p.1 c.3-4) Died 08/04/1904 in Richmond, PQ, Canada, age 61 years 7 months. (BWJ 08/12/1904, p.5 c.7). House on Kossuth Street sold, history of house in column “Our Town”, BJ 05/27/1961, p.8 c.1-2.

Thomas, Joseph
Age 84, of Biddeford. U & J 01/26/1853, p.3 c.2.

Thompson, Edward C.
(1889-1957) Of Biddeford. Died suddenly 09/30/1957.

Thompson, William H. (Captain)
(1824-1893) Became Superintendent of Water Power Co. in 1847, at age of 23, and served 14 years. Died in Salem, Mass. Obit BWJ 11/24/1893, p.3 c.4.

Thornton, James (Captain)
Died with consumption 05/27/1825. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.101.

Thornton, Marshall T. G.
Departed this life 03/04/1824. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.95.

Throumoulos, Louis
History of Peter, Louis and family (BWJ 12/03/1920, p.7 c.2); buys block at Alfred and Pool Streets (12/02/1921, p.1 c.5).

Tibbetts, Aaron
Of Biddeford, age 82. U & J 01/14/1852, p.3 c.2.

Tibbetts, Grace E.
Teacher at Rural school #11 (PHOTOGRAPH), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Tighe, Philip P.
(1891-1918) Killed in action 10/03/1918, age 27. BWJ 11/29/1918, p.2 c.1-2. [Namesake for Philip Tighe Post, American Legion, Biddeford]

Off Granite Point Road. National Register of Historic Places. Also known as the Charles and Louise Parsons Ewing estate; Timber Point is comprised of 14 contributing and 2 non-contributing structures.

Towle, Ivory
(1826-1907) Old carriage maker. Obit BDJ 10/28/1907, p.8 c.2.

Travers, Tom
(1890-1964) Boxing promoter for 50 years-began at age 16. Managed boxer William Danforth of Portland. Brother Steve Travers was a champion boxer and died the same year (about June or July). Obit BDJ 08/24/1964, p.2.

Traynor, Charles (Doctor)
Obit BWJ 03/18/1927, p.8 c.4.

Traynor, Honora
Mother of Dr. Charles Traynor. Wife of John J. Traynor. Died at 88 years old, survived by Capt. Joseph H. Traynor USN George W. Traynor. Obit BDJ 09/03/1906. [Information found on the card for Charles Traynor.]

Traynor, Joseph P.
(1878-1944) Assistant Surgeon on battleship Georgia and helped in rescue work during turret explosion off Provincetown 07/15/1907—17 men killed. (See BDJ 09/16/1907, p.7 c.5-7). Obit BDJ 09/13/1944, p.2 c.3.

Threlfall, William V.
Agent of Saco & Pettee since December 1897. Resigned 04/12/1904. Succeeded by E. E. Blake. Original builder of the Jeremiah G. Shaw house in 1903. BWJ 04/15/1904, p.5 c.7.

Trickey, William
Death notice of William Trickey of Saco, aged 78. U & J 03/14/1856, p.3 c.5.

Trittems, John
Of Old Orchard died 10/31/1800. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.2.

Trull, Joel Frank (Doctor)
(1868-1922) Founder of Trull Hospital in 1900. Born in West Burke, Vermont. Came to Biddeford in 1894, and married that same year. Obit BWJ 11/24/1922, p.8 c.4-5.

Tuck, John
Born in Parsonsfield, lived on Prospect Street. Died age 67. Obit BWJ 10/15/1886, p.3 c.4.

Tuck, Mrs. John
Widow of John Tuck. Obit BWJ 08/17/1860 p.3 c.3. [Card typo? Unknown if correct or not.]

Tuck, Jonathan
Mayor of Biddeford. No age or birth place given. Obit U & J 01/25/1861, p.2 c.2.

Tufts, Thomas Parker
Proprietor of Tufts Temperance Hotel, died 10/13/1852, age 61 years. Obit U & J 10/19/1853, p.2 c.7.

Twambley, Rufus P.
(1837-1906) Son of Charles Twambley who began jewelry business in Saco, as Twambley & Smith in 1837. Firm name changed to Twambley & Son in 1867. Business bought by L.B. Milliken in 1879. Rufus died in house in which he was born, 29 Middle Street, owned by L.B. Milliken. Obit BDJ 10/22/1906, p.7 c.5-6.

Twomey, John
(1850-1906) Home at Cutts Street, Biddeford. Overseer of Saco Water Power Co. for 30 years. Obit BWJ 10/12/1906, p.6 c.3.

Twomey, John F.
(1868-1922) Home at 40 Mason Street. Born in Biddeford, son of Michael and Johanna Twomey. Obit BWJ 01/13/1922, p.8 c.6.