Yates, Frederick
(1839-) Born in Biddeford 04/08/1839. Kept Yates House at Biddeford Pool. Managed the Biddeford Opera House, 1906. Daughter married James Rundle. From Yates Genealogy, p.39-40.

Library has yearbooks from Biddeford High School, St. Louis and St. Joseph High Schools, and St. Andre High School.

York, Bradbury
Son Henry, age 16, fell from Gooch Island bridge and drowned. From Samuel Merrill diary 04/08/1842.

Yorke, Dane
Son of Benjamin & Elizabeth Bibighaus of Pennsylvania/New Jersey, married to Esther Crowley. Amateur writer & historian, wrote histories of the Pepperell Manufacturing Company and other New England businesses and A History and stories of Biddeford. Home at 5 Amherst Street. Died at age 84 following a lengthy illness. Served as Librarian at McArthur Public Library for 30 years; retired in 1967. Obit BJ 09/08/1970 p.2 c.2. See also BJ 09/15/1970, p.1 c.6.

Yorke, Esther C.
Wife of Dane Yorke, home at 5 Amherst Street. Died in a Biddeford hospital after long illness. Obit BJ 12/22/1969, p.2 c.1.

Youland, William E.
(1854-1917) Came to Biddeford in 1893 and opened Youland & Company Department Store at 184 + 186 Main Street. Active in city government and community groups. See Bickford’s Local landmarks, p.27. Story of his part in development of southern resort in Lakeview, NC, see BWJ 04/22/1910, p.2 c.1-3. Obit BWJ 03/09/1917, p.8 c.4, will & estate see BWJ 03/23/1917, p.8 c.6 and 06/22/1917, p.8 c.2.

Young, Josiah
Of this town died three weeks ago 08/23/1827. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.114.

Young, Lewis (Captain)
Came home from Boston 2 weeks ago with a fever and died 04/11/1817. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.65.