Calderwood, George G.
(1852-1919) Father of Harry C. Calderwood. Obit BWJ 12/12/1919, p.8 c.2.

Calef, Josiah
(1782-1863) Born Kingston, NH. Educated at Exeter. Came to Saco after years as a Boston merchant to open Saco Manufacturing Company. Served as President of numerous Saco businesses, including: Saco + Biddeford Savings Institution, Saco Mutual Fire Insurance Co., Manufacturer’s Bank, P.S. + P. Railroad. Died in Saco March 2, 1863 and buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery. Obit Maine Democrat (Saco), 03/10/1863, p.3. [Interestingly enough, no obit was run in the Union + Journal (Biddeford)]. See also: History of York County, Maine, p.178-80.

Callahan, Mary (Mrs.)
(1835-1906) Mother of wife of Dr. O’Neill of Biddeford, BWJ 07/13/1906, p.1 c.4.

Campbell, Robert
Carriage maker; died in Allston, Massachusetts aged 76. BDJ 07/18/1899, p.6 c.2.

Main and Lincoln Street. National Register of Historic Places.

Carlisle, James (Captain)
Died with a kind of consumption and loss of reason on May 22, 1819. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.80.

Carrier, Joseph N.
(1854-1926) One of the founders of Carrier’s Market; popular buisnessman. Came to Biddeford in 1874; saw largest part of French-Canadian immigration. Detailed professional sketch in Lawton’s Franco-Americans of Maine, p.153. Obit BWJ 05/21/1926, p.8 c.5.

Carrier, Napoleon
(1835-1920) Born in Quebec, came to Biddeford in 1874; helped to build St. Joseph Catholic Church. Obit BWJ 09/24/1920, p.7 c.3.

Carter, George A.
(1830-1906) Came to Saco in 1851, Pioneer Express agent. Obit BWJ 10/12/1906, p.6 c.1-3.

Carter, George W.
Owner of successful flour and feed store in Biddeford. Obit BWJ 01/09/1920, p.1 c.7. See also Bickford’s Local landmarks, p.34.

Cartier, Adeline
(1832-1922) Born in Canada, came to Biddeford at age 15 when there were only 4 french families. Married Moise Cartier (“Moses Quarter”) and lived at 1 Ferry Road in Saco. See BDJ 03/14/1922 p.5 c.5; OBIT in BWJ 03/17/1922, p.8 c.7.

Cartier, Domithilda
Mill reminiscences of Mrs. Domithilda Cartier, 58 years in Pepperell. BDJ 06/06/1914, p.5 c.3-4.

Cartier, George H.
(b. 1857) One of the first ‘native-born’ Franco-Americans in Biddeford. Barber in the Biddeford House and then the Crystal Arcade. City councilor and President of the Biddeford-Saco Barbers Union. See Bickford’s Local landmarks, p.32.

Cartier, Moise (“Moses Quarter”)
(1829-1924) Home at Lower Ferry Road, Saco. Celebrates 65th wedding anniversary [to Adeline Cartier]. Born in Canada, went to Somerville, Massachusetts at 16 & learned brick making; helped make brick for Pepperell #2 [1856?]. Sketch of life: BDJ 02/03/1913, p.8 c.2-3. Obit BDJ 10/22/1924, p.8 c.4. [See also photo collection #1145] See Hendrickson’s Quiet Presence, p.226.

Biddeford’s earliest Catholic residents were Irish immigrants who moved here to work in the fledgling textile mills. The Diocese of Portland was founded in 1853, and two years later in 1855 (the same year Biddeford became a city) Fr. Thomas Kenney was ordained and served as first pastor of St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception. The church was located on St. Mary Street, followed later by the rectory, a convent, and a school. With the growth and success of the mills, French-Canadian Catholics moved to the area in huge numbers. In 1870 the French-speaking St. Joseph’s Church was established, and in 1899 St. Andre’s Church was founded on the other side of the city. At one time, the Catholic population in the area was so large it supported the following (just in Biddeford, not including Saco or Old Orchard!): St. Mary’s Church, St. Mary’s School, St. Mary’s Convent, St. Joseph’s Church, St. Joseph’s Convent, St. Joseph’s School, St. Joseph High School, St. Louis High School, St. Andre Church, St. Andre School, St. Andre High School, St. Francis High School, St. Francis College, Marie-Joseph Academy – not to mention numerous religious, benevolent and other societies and clubs. The catholic parishes were also responsible for opening the Notre Dame Hospital. [See Dr. Michael Guignard’s La foi, la langue, la culture : the Franco-Americans of Biddeford, Maine for an in-depth history of this topic from the French perspective.] Catholics (both Irish and French-Canadian) faced significant discrimination here, even up to the 1920’s when the Ku Klux Klan famously tried to come here, and while they were allow to march in Saco, Biddeford’s Catholics turned up in force, united, and stopped them at the Main Street and Bradbury Street bridges from entering the city.

(See also MEEDS BLOCK) Building at the curved meeting of Alfred Street and Main Street. Burned down in April 1969, in a tragic fire that killed 5 hotel residents. Businesses located on the ground floor at the time of the fire included Jack & Larry’s Gifts-Jewelry, Simensky’s ladies clothing, and S. Cohen Fruit and Produce.

Movie theater located on Alfred Street, corner Bacon (next door to I.O.O.F. Building). Opened in 1916. First “talkies” played here on February 4, 1929. Burned down January 23, 1945. Took over a year to rebuild; reopened May 23, 1946. Closed permanently in 1972; after several years of uncertainty, the building was bought by the city remodeled into Biddeford’s police station in 1977.

Chacamaty, John
(1916-1956) Professional actor during the 1940’s and 1950’s in Hollywood, CA, with the stage name “John Mansfield”. Son of Nicholas and Adranika Chacamaty of Alfred & Summer Streets, graduated Biddeford High School class of 1935. Varsity athlete and talented violinist, attended Colby College and then moved to California to start acting career. Married model Patty Anderson in 1950. Died of a heart attack at age 40. Appeared in over twenty films and television shows, and worked in radio as well. Obit: BJ 09/19/1956, p.2 c.2. See IMDB for complete filmography.

Chadbourne, Benjamin
Obit BWJ 01/13/1911, p.1 c.3.

Chadbourne, Owen Burnham
(1822-1901) Carriage builder of Saco. Built herdics for Boston & gun carriages fro government during the Civil War. Obit BWJ 04/12/1901, p.5 c.4.

Chadbourne, Joseph F.
(1832-1906) Carriage maker, Pleasant Street, Saco. Obit BDJ 12/11/1906, p.7 c.4-5.

Chadwick, John
Saco man, died 08/04/1854, aged 62. Obit U & J 08/11/1854, p.2 c.5 – p.3 c.2.

Chadwick, Nathan (Captain)
Died 03/25/1877, aged 74 years 5 months. Buried at Woodlawn Cemetery.

Chamberland, George
Came to Biddeford in 1892, owned a confectionery business/soda fountain. See Lawton’s Franco-Americans of Maine, p.101.

Champlain, Samuel de
(1567-1635) French navigator and explorer. First to map Biddeford shores and to describe Native Americans who lived in the area. See Vertical File–Biddeford Biography; Yorke’s History and Stories of Biddeford; and Folsom’s A History of Saco and Biddeford. See Library of Congress for full-text of Champlain’s book AND famous map of Saco Bay [NOTE: click on the title page image to open the book; the map appears on page 70. You can download a jpg or tiff file of the original.]

Chapman, Richard
Nephew of William Dwight. Speech in Maine legislature on amendment of corporation law of 1844, and history of Maine corporate law before 1844. U + J 07/19/1850, p.1 c.5-6. Suicide and obit in BWJ 07/18/1879, p.3 c.2.

Chase, Amos (Deacon)
(1718-1818) Died at Saco, aged ninety-nine years and two months, 03/02/1818. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.73. Memorial tablet dedicated in Saco church, and sketch of life with greeting of President Monroe in 1817. BWJ 09/03/1920, p.7 c.6-7.

Chase, Daniel
Saco man, died 09/01/1827. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.114.

Chase, Samuel F.
(1837-1889) Obit BDJ 05/06/1889, p.3 c.4.

Cheney, Clifford M.
(1870-1949) Died 06/22/1949.

Early name for section of what later became Main Street; running from City Square north to the area of the B&M train tracks. Southern section of Main Street was called “Liberty Street”. See detail from map “Map of the villages of Saco and Biddeford, York County, Maine, from actual surveys” by H.F. Walling, 1851. [This map hangs in the 2nd floor of the McArthur Library]

Chestnut Street, Biddeford, 1851

Wooden tenement block which stood on Main Street, where the Masonic Building now sits. Moved to the corner of Hill and Pool Streets in October 1885. (“The remaining half of the old Chestnut street block was started on its journey to join its companion at the corner of Hill and Pool streets this morning.”-Biddeford Daily Journal, Oct. 2, 1885, p3.)





South and Adams Streets. Included in Main Street Historic District, National Register of Historic Places.

Clark, Ada E.
Teacher at Sullivan Street Grammar School [Photograph]. From Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Clark, Betsey M.
Teacher of Music for the Biddeford public schools (Photograph), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Clark, Elisha E.
(1844-1904) Civil War veteran and prominent in civic affairs. Biddeford Scrapbook #2, p.94. Obit BDJ 12/09/1904, p.12 c.2-4.

Clark, George (Captain)
(1807-1891) Went to sea age 12. Brother was Capt. Benaiah Clark (obit BWJ 01/01/1892) and half-brother was Capt. William F. Gilpatrick (see note under Capt. Nehemiah Hill). Obit 01/01/1892, p.3 c.4.

Clark, Grace B.
Teacher at the Sullivan Street Primary School [No photograph]. From Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Clark, Henry
French-Canadian, killed at age 32 while blasting a log on riverbank near Laconia Mill. Left wife & family of small children. U & J 09/28/1855, p.3 c.2.

Clark, Henry A.
(1848-1923) Born in Dorkin, Surrey, England. Immigrated to the U.S. in 1871 at age 23, coming straight to Biddeford and residing there the rest of his life. Worked in the Pepperell Mills many years, until a back injury forced him to change professions. He then opened a general store at Five Points, which he would operate for some 25 years and become well known for. Obit in Bidd. Journal, July 18, 1923. See also Maine Memory Network Item 35271 and Local History Catalog.

Clark, Horace B.
(1851-1920) Son of Capt. Tristram Clark. Obit BWJ 05/14/1920, p. 8 c.5.

Clark, Mrs. James R.
Daughter of late Captain Edmund Perkins, noted ship-builder of Perkins Brothers firm. Obit BWJ 11/22/1918, p.6 c.3.

Clark, James R.
First appears in directory 1856. Last appears in directory 1870. Went to Boston from Biddeford and was in business there until his death at age 66. Obit BWJ 11/16/1888, p.2 c.8. Wife was daughter of Capt. Edmund Perkins.

Clarke, Edouard (Professor)
Organist at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church for 16 years. Obit BWJ 02/09/1917, p.8 c.5.

Cleaves, Albert K.
Partner in jewelry firm of Twambley + Cleaves. Died aged 51. Obit BWJ 12/28/1888, p.3 c.3.

Cleaves, Benjamin F. (Judge)
(b. 1866) Partner in law firm of Cleaves, Waterhouse + Emery. Appointed Judge of Municipal Court of Biddeford in 1898. See Bickford’s Local landmarks, p.23.

Cleaves, Charles H.
(1847-1917) Marble cutter for 43 years. Obit BWJ 09/07/1917, p.8 c.4.

Cleaves, Daniel (Esquire)
“Died in this town 12/09/1817, buried Friday 12th”- from Samuel Merrill diary. Came from Danvers, Massachusetts; married Sarah Fairfield of Saco in 1795. Built house in Biddeford about 1803.
[For picture of wife see BDJ 08/14/1944, p.3 c.3-6.]

Cleaves, Daniel
(1809-1865) Buried in tomb on Nason Hill. Born 01/01/1809, died 07/01/1865. President of York Bank from 1849 until death. Son of Daniel Cleaves who died in 1817. Obit U & J 07/21/1865, p.3 c.1. [BWJ p.2 c.7, 7/7/65]

Cleaves, William W.
Biddeford man, died in Augusta, aged 62. U & J, 05/09/1856, p.3 c.3.

Clifford, Achsah (Miss)
Many public bequests in will, gives stone pillars for entrance to the park named for her and her sister. See BWJ 12/02/1897, p.6 c.4.

Clifford, Mary Ann
Died aged 84. Obit BWJ 10/14/1898, p.7 c.1. Probate of Clifford will BWJ 11/04/1898, p.7 c.3.

Park located off Pool Street, Biddeford, named for the Clifford sisters who sold the land to the city (see Achsah Clifford article above).

Club Richelieu
See: MS 85 – Club Richelieu archives (1968-2000).