Name index to “Maine’s Franco-American Heritage”

Alphabetical Name list/Table of contents. Maine’s Franco-American Heritage was the newsletter of the York County Genealogical Society of Franco-Americans, based in Biddeford. The newsletter ran from 1984-2008 and contains multitudes of genealogical research; all volumes are accessible by visiting the library.

Abenakis descendents?, Are some of us J. Caya p.4, vol.6,’89
Acadian Center, Researching at the R.D. Guérin p.20, vol.11,’94
Acadian Congress, World R.D. Guérin p.21, voll.11,’94
Acadian expressions, old R. Courtois p.32, vol.15,’98
Acadian recipes, authentic T.B. Martin p.55, vol.18,’01
Acadian resources, selected R. Guérin p.19, vol. 3,’86
Acadian words of the past R. Courtois p.47, vol.16,’99
Acadie/Acadia: Location re-naming R. L’Heureux p.6, vol.5,’88
Amyot (Amiot), Jean P. Sansoucy p.5, vol.3,’86
Ancestors, “Instant” T.C. Abbott p.5, vol.17,’00
Ancêtres, Ainsi vivaient nos C. Bolduc p.7, vol.15,’98
Ancêtres, Comment mouraient nos J.L. Beaucamot + C. Bolduc p.53, vol.12,’95
Antoine dit Desjardins C. Bolduc p.22, vol.13,’96
Aroostook War P. Sansoucy p.6, vol.12,’95
Assumption, Church of the p.11, vol.3,’86
Assumption, Church of the p.11, vol.6,’89
Auclair family history N. Auclair p.35, vol.20,’03
Audet-dit-Lapointe P. Sansoucy p.20, vol.5,’88
Audet-dit-Lapointe, Descendents of Marcel P. Sansoucy p.17, vol.6,’89
Audet paternal lines P. Sansoucy p.24, vol.5,’88
French trivia (“Were You Aware?”) J. Caya p.6, vol.10,’93
Bachelder, Samuel – History of Biddeford D. York p.40, vol.18,’01
Baseball, Major League and Francos F.J. Soucy p.19, vol.17,’00
Baseball, Major League – Montréal Expos F. Soucy p.29, vol.18,’01
Baseball players (Part II) – Franco-Am. + French Can. Major League F. Soucy p.31, vol.19,’02
Baseball players (Part III) – Franco-Am. + French Can. Major League F. Soucy p.53, vol.20,’03
Beauchenes, Mayor George C. Bolduc p.17, vol.14,’97
Bégny dit Lagassé, André, The colonist A.M. Welch p.22, vol.4,’87
Bélanger C.N. Steele p.6, vol.19,’02
Bélanger, Alexis, Example of courage p.42, vol.19,’02
Bélanger, Emma Leblanc R. Guérin p.45, vol.12,’95
Bélanger family line R.P. Côté p.7, vol.19,’02
Bélanger, François – Pioneer J. Caya p.25, vol.5,’88
Bélanger, The first p.8, vol.19,’02
Bergeron ancestral lines R.P. Côté p.37, vol.15,’98
Bergeron dit D’Amboise p.36, vol.15,’98
Bergeron family line R. Guérin p.40, vol.12,’95
Bergeron, Father Louis B. Courtois p.11, vol.8,’91
Bergeron paternal line B. Courtois p.12, vol.8,’91
Bergeron, Story of J. Evariste P. Guérin p.38, vol.12,’95
Bergeron Story, The C.N. Steele p.34, vol.15,’98
Bible?, Who could claim this C. Bolduc p.40, vol.13,’96
Biddeford: A French City? C. Bolduc p.16, vol. 5,’88
Biddeford city directory C. Bolduc p.39, vol.15,’98
Biddeford city directory, 1900 C. Bolduc p.9, vol.6,’89
Biddeford city directory, 1900 C. Bolduc p.11, vol.7,’90
Biddeford’s first dwellings D. York p.46, vol.18,’01
Biddeford’s first french settlers R. Courtois p.23, vol.2,’85
Biddeford’s cultural and religious influences C. Bolduc p.6, vol.3,’86
Biddeford’s oldest houses R.G. Côté p.21, vol.19,’02
Bilingual’s problems C. Bolduc p.31, vol.13,’96
Binet ancestral line R.P. Côté p.33, vol.15,’98
Binette line G. Lamontagne p.34, vol.14,’97
Binette story C.N. Steele p.31, vol.15,’98
Bishop, Maine’s first Franco-American G. Lamontagne p.19, vol.12,’95
Boissonneault ancestral lines R.P. Côté p.9, vol.13,’96
Boissonneault C.N. Steele p.7, vol.13,’96
Boisvert family history C.N. Steele p.19, vol.20,’03
Boisvert family line T. Bergeron p.20, vol.20,’03
Boisvert, Willibald C. Bolduc p.26, vol.20,’03
Bolduc, Frère Henri – in memoriam C. Bolduc p.26, vol.20,’03
Bolduc, La C. Bolduc p.9, vol.12,’95
Bolduc, Louis C. Bolduc p.4, vol.2,’85
Bolduc paternal line C.N. Steele p.24, vol.10,’93
Bolduc’s p.22, vol.10,’93
Boucher paternal line R.P. Côté p.25, vol.12,’95
Bouchers C.N. Steele p.23, vol.12,’95
Régiment Bourbonnais. Les D.M. Ryan p.33, vol.11,’94
Calendar history C. Bolduc p.4, vol.12,’95
Canada, Growing up in C. Bolduc p.31, vol.20,’03
O Canada C.N. Steele p.38, vol.17,’00
O Canada, revisited F. Parent p.33, vol.18,’01
Canada, Passage to A. Leduc p.47, vol.19,’02
Canada’s foundation, Pieces of P. Sansoucy p.3, vol.5,’88
Canadian roots, In search of your A. Baxter p.34, vol.17,’00
Cantara history C.N. Steele p.19, vol.18,’01
Cantara paternal lines R.P. Côté p.21, vol.18,’01
Carignan Regiment F. Soucy p.3, vol.11,’94
Caron lineage J. Caya p.7, vol.9,’92
Caron paternal line p.8, vol.9,’92
Caron, Remembering Pepère C. Roux p.23, vol.15,’98
Catholic churches of Sanford-Springvale G. Cormier p.17, vol.12,’95
Catholic diocese of Portland (Me.) F. Soucy p.41, vol.20,’03
Charbonneau, Toussaint W. Laliberté p.19, vol.14,’97
Chartier paternal line R. Courtois p.12, vol.11,’94
Chassé, Jean R. Gilbert p.45, vol.14,’97
Citizenship, Grandmother loses C.A.G. Turner p.47, vol.14,’97
Cookson family line C.A.G. Turner p.52, vol.18,’01
Cookson, John C.A.G. Turner p.49, vol.18,’01
Corriveau, Joseph Conrad C. Bolduc p.21, vol.14,’97
Côté, Rena P. – in memoriam p.5, vol.20,’03
Côté family prosperity R.P. Côté p.23, vol.7,’90
Côté family cross A. Côté p.24, vol.7,’90
Côté paternal lines R.P. Côté p.26, vol.7,’90
Côté family-proud patriots R. Seaver p.3, vol.19,’02
Coureurs de Bois R.P. Côté p.9, vol.10,’93
Courtois – ancestral notes R. Courtois p.11, vol.1,’84
Courtois paternal lines R. Courtois p.12, vol.1,’84
Cousin/Cousin G.E. Auger p.52, vol.16,’99
Croix du Chemin C.P. Trent p.38, vol.20,’03
Crossword puzzle J. Vacari p.31, vol.14,’97
Crossword solution p.34, vol.14,’97
Currency p.15, vol.11,’94
Customs of the 12th century C. Bolduc p.4, vol.10,’93
D’Abbadie, Jean Vincent – Baron of St. Castin R. Courtois p.17, vol.3,’86
Decary brothers R. Courtois p.13, vol.4,’87
Demers, Télesphores – Franco pioneer G. Lamontagne p.41, vol.12,’95
Denevert-dit-Bretigny, Étienne (c.1627-1678) C.N. Steele p.29, vol.20,’03
Desloges line p.16, vol.17,’00
American family names R.P. Côté p.14, vol.9,’92
American family names R.P. Côté p.23, vol.10,’93
American family names R.P. Côté p.31, vol.13,’96
American family names R.P. Côté p.15, vol.15,’98
American family names R.P. Côté p.51, vol.16,’99
Dion/Guyon ancestral line p.39, vol.16,’99
Doiron, La Famille R.D. Guérin p.17, vol.11,’94
Drouin mystery numbers L.C. Morgan p.62, vol.20,’03
Dubé family R.P. Côté p.24, vol.17,’00
Dubé family line R.P. Côté p.26, vol.17,’00
DuBois ancestral lines R.P. Côté p.12, vol.13,’96
DuBois ancestry C.N. Steele p.10, vol.13,’96
DuBois family line G. Cormier p.39, vol.13,’96
DuBois pedigree chart C.A.G. Turner p.50, vol.14,’97
Dupuis ancestry moments R. Pépin p.16, vol.4,’87
Dupuis dit Gilbert ancestral line p.21, vol.13,’96
Dutremble, Pierre C. Bolduc p.25, vol.3,’86
Ethnic education R.G. Côté p.9, vol.9,’92
Ethnic group populations p.16, vol.11,’94
Ethnic identity loss G. Lamontagne p.52, vol.12,’95
Events, A sad turn of R. Pépin p.19, vol.19,’02
Excommunication threat S. Bergeron p.23, vol.3,’86
Factory Island: Bricks, mortar and hope p.3, vol.4,’87
Family associations R.P. Côté p.32, vol.18,’01
Family and home information sources checklist J. Rossignol p.25, vol.20,’03
Family name associations p.13, vol.15,’98
Family names, American R.P. Côté p.30, vol.17,’00
Family names, American R.P. Côté p.25, vol.18,’01
Fête du Travail en France, La C. Bolduc p.5, vol.10,’93
Fernald, Ronald F. Soucy p.8, vol.14,’97
Feudalism and land resources in New France P. Sansoucy p.7, vol.1,’84
Folklore R.G. Côté p.8, vol.15,’98
Fort, A man and his R. Courtois + J. Caya p.10, vol.11,’94
France connections R. Courtois p.26, vol.6,’89
New France – life and heritage D.P. Faucher p.11, vol.20,’03
France, Perche J. Rossignol p.13, vol.20,’03
France – where it all began R. Pépin p.5, vol.4,’87
Franco-American Brothers, Oldest C. Bolduc p.8, vol.18,’01
Franco-American Night G. Lamontagne p.32, vol.18,’01
Franco-American, Legacy of a C. Bolduc p.20, vol.6,’89
Franco-American on a farm, Growing up as a F. Girard p.7, vol.20,’03
Franco-American soldier’s story L. Morris p.25, vol.11,’94
Franco-Americans of Biddeford C. Bolduc p.13, vol.8,’91
Franco-Americans of Biddeford C. Bolduc p.15, vol.9,’92
Francos of Biddeford at the turn of the century C. Bolduc p.30, vol.11,’94
Franco-Americans of Sanford and Springvale G. Lamontagne p.10, vol.12,’95
Biddeford’s first Franco mayor C. Bolduc p.18, vol.10,’93
Francos, A thorn in the side of G. Lamontagne p.32, vol.13,’96
Francos at the turn of the century C. Bolduc p.35, vol.13,’96
France’s territories under Louis XIV, Management of P. Sansoucy p.7, vol.4,’87
Fremont Club C. Bolduc p.25, vol.13,’96
French accents on a PC L.C. Morgan p.61, vol.20,’03
French Army of the Kingdom-Republic-Empire C. Bolduc p.37, vol.18,’01
Are you related to George Washington’s French-Candian spy? G.E. Auger p.36, vol.16,’99
French-Canadians in the American Revolution H. Gosselin p.45, vol.19,’02
French compound names G. Auger p.34, vol.20,’03
French expressions C. + S. Bolduc p.10, vol.9,’92
French idioms R.P. Côté p.56, vol.19,’02
French idioms R.P. Côté p.48, vol.17,’00
French kings J. Caya p.4, vol.8,’91
French language, Evolution of C. Bolduc p.13, vol.1,’84
French presence in N.America, Early D. Faucher p.26, vol.18,’01
French regime, Justice under the C. Bolduc p.7, vol.14,’97
French settlements in ME nearly 400 years ago J. L’Heureux p.43, vol.19,’02
French, This is one time we beat the J. Caya p.16, vol.15,’98
Gagné-Bellavance family association G. Warner p.13, vol.9,’92
Gagné family R. Côté p.21, vol.8,’91
Gagné paternal line R. Côté p.22, vol.8,’91
Gagnons C.N. Steele p.25, vol.10,’93
Gagnon paternal line p.27, vol.10,’93
Gendron paternal line S. Bergeron p.24, vol.3,’86
Gendron paternal lines R.P. Côté p.39, vol.11,’94
Gendrons C.N. Steele p.38, vol.11,’94
Genealogy, Introduction to J. Rossignol p.30, vol.16,’99
Genealogy lesson C.W. Turner p.11, vol.15,’98
Genealogy, My exploits and discoveries into the fascinating realm of I. Welch p.11, vol.2,’85
Genealogy on the internet D. Doiron p.36, vol.14,’97
Genealogy query S. Roberts p.60, vol.20,’03
Genealogy research glossary J. Rossignol p.31, vol.16,’99
Genealogy, Translation of words in French-Canadian R.G. Côté p.35, vol.17,’00
Gilbert, Marie; My search for C.A.G. Turner p.18, vol.13,’96
Gill and James at St. Francois, Descendents of J. Caya p.8, vol.6,’89
Girard (Gerhard) line in America, German ancestors found F. Girard p.20, vol.4,’87
Going back in time C.N. Steele p.33, vol.16,’99
Grandmother’s Day, Once upon a L. Morris p.20, vol.10,’93
Gravestone rubbings technique P. Sansoucy p.21, vol.10,’93
Grosse Ile – A 19th century tragedy C.N. Steele p.10, vol.18,’01
Guay-Desloges marriages C. Bolduc p.14, vol.17,’00
Guay line C. Bolduc p.15, vol.15,’98
Guignolée, La C. Bolduc p.13, vol.11,’94
Hanging, public C. Bolduc p.15, vol.3,’86
Hébert paternal line p.19, vol.9,’92
Heraldry, Origin and development of J.E. Rossignol p.17, vol.17,’00
My heritage, my joy G. Letellier p.18, vol.9,’92
Hero’s welcome home C.A.G. Turner p.51, vol.19,’02
Hessian settlers in Canada after the American Revolution F. Girard p.8, vol.16,’99
Hessian soldiers married to French women R.P. Côté p.10, vol.16,’99
History, myths and legends C. Bolduc p.26, vol.16,’99
Historical tidbits J. Rossignol p.12, vol.17,’00
Holiday traditions R.P. Côté p.48, vol.16,’99
Huguenots in America J. Caya + R. Pépin p.14, vol.11,’94
Humorous taglines p.60, vol.20,’03
Hyperlipoproteinemias, Inherited P. Sansoucy p.4, vol.9,’92
Ile de L’Orleans G. Letellier p.11, vol.5,’88
Index to Volumes 1-20 L.C. Morgan p.67, vol.20,’03
Immigrant groups settle in Maine J. Rossignol p.11, vol.19,’02
Immigration, Hope of prosperity through R. Côté p.10, vol.7,’90
Immigration of our ancestors, Events surrounding the J. Valois + R. Côté p.41, vol.17,’00
Inquisition register of Jacques Fournier, Bishop of Pamiers, Ariege, France; Directory of surnames from the P. Sansoucy p.19, vol.2,’85
Irish or almost, We are all J. Vacari p.31, vol.17,’00
Isle of Orleans, Architecture of the C.N. Steele p.21, vol.16,’99
James at St. Francois (see Gill and James)
Kermesse Franco-Americaine, La C. Bolduc p.15, vol.7,’90
King’s daughters C. Steele p.3, vol.7,’90
Kissin’ cousins I. Skinner p.3, vol.3,’86
Heartbeat of “La Justice” C. Bolduc p.18, vol.4,’87
Labbé family p.27, vol.17,’00
Labbé family line R.P. Côté p.29, vol.17,’00
Lambert ancestral ilnes R.P. Côté p.30, vol.14,’97
Lamontagne dit Baquet p.30, vol.12,’95
Land petitions B. Beaulieu p.22, vol.3,’86
Language barbare, Du p.8, vol.15,’98
Landry paternal line R.P. Côté p.28, vol.12,’95
Landry tradition, “Il est fier” R. Pépin p.4, vol.3,’86
Landrys C.N. Steele p.25, vol.12,’95
Language, Guardian of the faith R. Côté p.24, vol.8,’91
Lausier, Louis B. C. Bolduc p.8, vol.17,’00
Ledoux, Urbain J., “Mr. Zero” G. Bergeron p.28, vol.11,’94
Lefèbvre, Thomas – Cooper, adventurer and interpreter of the Abenaquis language C. Bolduc p.57, vol.19,’02
Légère, Antoine – Acadian pioneer R. Guérin p.49, vol.12,’95
Letendre ancestors from St-George de Windsor R.P. Côté p.5, vol.18,’01
What’s my line? R.P. Côté p.45, vol.15,’98
Maine resources G. Frechette p.6, vol.1,’84
Marcille family line p.19, vol.10,’93
Marcille – “Bravo Biddeford” Life and history of Mayor Marcille J. Vacari p.15, vol.20,’03
Marcotte ancestral line R. Guérin p.36, vol.12,’95
Marcotte ancestors from St-George de Windsor R.G. Côté p.18, vol.18,’01
Martel C.N. Steele p.28, vol.14,’97
Martel ancestral lines R.P. Côté p.27, vol.14,’97
Mignier paternal lines A.M. Welch p.25, vol.4,’87
Merrill family origins D. Merrill p.6, vol.2,’85
What money was worth C. Bolduc p.18, vol.19,’02
Mohegan connection P. Sansoucy p.18, vol.15,’98
Mohegan connection P. Sansoucy p.55, vol.16,’99
Morin paternal lines R.P. Côté p.37, vol.11,’94
Morins C.N. Steele p.35, vol.11,’94
Murphy’s law of genealogy p.30, vol.19,’02
Nadeau paternal lines R. Courtois p.24, vol.6,’89
Name abbreviations p.27, vol.12,’95
What’s in a name? L.B. Lafrenière p.35, vol.14,’97
Names and their significance C. Bolduc p.11, vol.4,’87
Native Americans, Territories of P. Sansoucy p.23, vol.14,’97
New France – Life in late 17th century D.P. Faucher p.39, vol.19,’02
Noël at Ville-Marie G. Warner p.6, vol.11,’94
Occupations, Glossary of early French-Canadian M. Guerard p.8, vol.5,’88
Getting organized J. Rossignol p.32, vol.17,’00
Pageot news flashes G.P. Plamondon p.23, vol.11,’94
Pageot paternal line G.P. Plamondon p.27, vol.11,’94
Paré ancestral line J. Rossignol p.29, vol.19,’02
Paré, Reverend Paul U. J. Rossignol p.25, vol.19,’02
Parent, Frederick Alfred R. + M. Pépin p.37, vol.12,’95
Pasquier/Paquet history C.N. Steele p.22, vol.18,’01
Pasquier/Paquet paternal lines C.N. Steele p.24, vol.18,’01
A former Patriot C. Bolduc p.21, vol.15,’98
Payer or Payeur, Johann Christope Bayer R.P. Côté p.18, vol.7,’90
Payeur paternal line R.P. Côté p.21, vol.7,’90
Pedigree ancestor chart p.32, vol.16,’99
Pelletier R.P. Côté p.43, vol.16,’99
Pelletier ancestral lines R.P. Côté p.45, vol.16,’99
Pelletier, Narcisse J., The wanderings of H.H. Eastman p.15, vol.12,’95
Perreault family history C.N. Steele p.17, vol.20,’03
Pinard/Lausier/Lauzière C. Bolduc p.11, vol.17,’00
Plamondon genealogy C. Bolduc p.17, vol.7,’90
Poem “The family of Honoré” J.E. Martin p.15, vol.18,’01
Poitou roots, Return to M. Roche p.12, vol.10,’93
Pontbriand C. Bolduc p.19, vol.8,’91
Pontbriand paternal line R.P. Côté p.20, vol.8,’91
Poulain du Bignon, Le Sieur Christophe J. Caya p.5, vol.8,’91
Préjean, Honoré – The genealogy of the family of Honoré Préjean T.B. Martin p.17, vol.18,’01
“I want to see the President” R. Pépin p.45, vol.18,’01
The 8 Princesses of Seraphin and Henriette C. Bolduc p.17, vol.2,’85
Proclamation R. Côté p.4, vol.14,’97
Provencher family information C.N. Steele p.4, vol.19,’02
Provencher paternal lines R.P. Côté p.5, vol.19,’02
Proulx family line C. Bolduc p.20, vol.12,’95
Québec City et “le Carnaval”, Memories de J. Vacari p.4, vol.13,’96
Québec City, The great fire of J. Vacari p.35, vol.16,’99
Québec, My two day trip to G. Frechette p.9, vol.1,’84
Québec ship arrivals 1655-1665 R.G. Côté p.41, vol.17,’00
Québec, The fall of J. Caya p.8, vol.7,’90
Rabbit tanning Chs. Bolduc p.34, vol.11,’94
Recollections G. Plamondon p.26, vol.11,’94
Relationship chart p.8, vol.12,’95
Repertories, Corrections to L. Gruimond p.11, vol.9,’92
Research calendar p.33, vol.17,’00
Research in French/English, Sample letters of J. Rossignol p.53, vol.18,’01
Richeleau International, Le p.16, vol.6,’89
Rioux search with it’s twists and turns G.D. Snyder p.29, vol.15,’98
Rivot, Rivau, Rival-dit-Bellerose J.A. Bellerose p.27, vol.16,’99
Roberge R.P. Côté p.40, vol.16,’99
Roberge ancestral lines R.P. Côté p.42, vol.16,’99
Rochefoucault, The maxims of La R. Côté p.42, vol.15,’98
Roi/Roy – Why so many “Roi” (Roy) families? C. Bolduc p.21, vol.9,’92
Roi – Six unrelated Roi men C. Bolduc p.22, vol.9,’92
Roy paternal lines R.P. Côté p.23, vol.9,’92
Sanford and Springvale parochial schools G. Cormier p.21, vol.12,’95
Sanford families, Compiling records of F.R. Boyle p.32, vol.12,’95
Sanford – Franco-American Brigadier General from Sanford R. Guérin p.36, vol.12,’95
Sanford native promoted to Brigadier General G. Lamontagne p.29, vol.12,’95
Sanford – The French pioneers of Sanford R. Guérin p.45, vol.12,’95
Sainte Marie Mission P. Sansoucy p.16, vol.13,’96
St. Joseph’s Church 1848-1955 R. Courtois p.13, vol.19,’02
St. Joseph’s School student group, 1930 p.54, vol.19,’02
St. Mary’s Cemetery, Biddeford – Franco-Americans buried in St. Mary’s C. Bolduc + R. Courtois p.13, vol.2,’85
St. Mary’s Cemetery, Biddeford – Franco-Americans buried in St. Mary’s (continued) C. Bolduc + R. Courtois p.14, vol.3,’86
St. Charles de Bellechaise J. Caya p.13, vol.5,’88
Samaritan, The good R. Pépin p.17, vol.10,’93
Smallpox P. Sansoucy p.14, vol.10,’93
Soap recipe, Home-made Chs. Bolduc p.22, vol.7,’90
Shevenell paternal line R. Courtois p.24, vol.2,’85
Ships bound for Canada S.M. Bergeron p.7, vol.10,’93
Surnames, Derivatives of Franco-American S.Bolduc p.9, vol.4,’87
Surnames, Family F. Girard p.61, vol.19,’02
Tante Blanche F. Parent p.6, vol.18,’01
Tourouvre, Perche, From Biddeford, Maine back to C. Bolduc p.4, vol.1,’84
Tragedy averted C.N. Steele p.15, vol.10,’93
Translations, helpful S. Bolduc p.29, vol.14,’97
Translations, helpful S. Bolduc p.41, vol.15,’98
Trudeau, Étienne, Your ancestor R. Noël p.14, vol.13,’96
Turgeon family, The roots of the A.T. Babineau p.21, vol.6,’89
Turgeon paternal lines A. Babineau p.23, vol.6,’89
Uncas, Pedigree of P. Sansoucy p.19, vol.16,’99
Vallière, Ignace, Family line p.22, vol.15,’98
“Virgin Forest”, “The Rapids” D.P. Faucher p.10, vol.20,’03
Washington, Un voyage à R. Pépin p.23, vol.20,’03
Wheelwright, The capture of Esther R. Courtois p.10, vol.5,’88
WWI service men in Maine C. Bolduc p.44, vol.15,’98
Wood Island bell N.R. Beaupré p.41, vol.19,’02
Woodcarver, The G. Lamontagne p.38, vol.13,’96
Woodlawn Cemetery, Tombstones from the p.9, vol.2,’85
Way in the World R. Courtois p.17, vol.15,’98