Hackett, Alice
Of Biddeford. Married Count Tomasson, in service of Italy. BWJ 09/24/1909, p.3 c.5-6.

Haines, Ferguson
(1840-1925) Home at 67 Adams Street. Mayor of Biddeford 1867-8; First city auditor 1894; Member of Maine legislature 1870-2; Agent of Pepperell Mills 1867-1871. BJ 05/08/1925, p.1 c.3.

Haines, Moses J.
(1827-1898) Taught in Biddeford, Saco, and Portland for 40 years. He was a principal of the Washington Street & Spruce Street schools in Biddeford, and then moved to teach in Portland for a time. Upon return to Biddeford in 1881, he retired to a farm on the Pool Road. He was married to Hannah G. Clark of Biddeford.
Obit BWJ 06/17/1898, p.7 c.1.

Haines, Mrs. William P.
(1815-1896) Born in South Berwick, daughter of Timothy Ferguson. Met Haines in South Berwick and married him in Saco in 1836. Lived in Saco until 1847 and then moved to Biddeford, at the top of Adams Street, in 1848.

Haines, William Pickering
(1811-1879) Life sketch in York County History p.209-10. Obit U & J 07/04/1879, p.3 c.3.Brief biography and picture in article in the 100th anniversary of Biddeford Savings Bank. BSJ 07/11/1967, pp.1 & 5. Same article appears in Biddeford Scrapbook #9 p.11-12.

Haley, Miss Adelaide
(1875-1961) Died at age 85. Obit BDJ 03/16/1961, p.2 c.2.

Haley, Benjamin F.
(1831-1899) Born in Hollis, came to Biddeford in 1859. Manufactured “small beers” on Pine Street, his spruce beer was widely known. Obit BWJ 02/24/1899, p.7 c.3.

Haley, Delia E.
Teacher at Rural School #7 (PHOTOGRAPH), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Haley, George F. (Judge)
Obit BWJ 02/22/1918, p.1 c.1-3. Memorial services held in Law Court at Portland: BWJ 07/12/1918, p.2 c.1-4.

Haley, John
(1840-1921) Born in Biddeford. Librarian at Dyer Library, Saco, for 28 years (1893-1921). Succeeded by Jane Burbank. Father of Adelaide Haley. Obit BWJ 04/08/1921, p.6 c.7. Last Dyer Library report attacks “movies”: BWJ 05/27/1921, p.5 c.4-5.

Haley, John Cousens
(1843-1915) Born in Hollis; was a Civil War veteran. Came to Biddeford in the 1870’s. Story of surrender of Gen. Robert E. Lee, which Haley witnessed as a Union soldier: BWJ 04/12/1901, p.6 c.4.Obit BWJ 10/01/1915, p.8 c.6-7.

Haley, Charlotte T. (Hearn)
(1834-1900) Born in Saco; began teaching school at age 14. Taught in Biddeford for many years; married Joseph Haley of Pool Road 08/07/1861. Death notice BWJ 07/27/1900, p.7 c.6; obit BWJ 08/03/1900, p.7 c.6.

Haley, Samuel
Obit U & J 10/14/1859, p.2 c.6.

Haley, Thomas (Doctor)
Born 1829, Biddeford dentist. Life sketch in York County History, p.213-14.

Hall, Benjamin P.
(1823-1907) Home at 299 Main Street, Saco. Obit BWJ 03/29/1907, p.2 c.1.

Hall, Henry H. (Reverend)
Acquitted of the murder of his wife. BDJ 02/08/1939, p.4-5.

Hall, Horace S.
(1833-1912) Ex-superintendent of York Mills; started in 1852, employed there 59 years, resigning in 1911. Obit BDJ 04/15/1912, p.7 c.1-4.

Hamel, Henry G.
Nephew of Monsignor Arthur A. Hamel. Wedding and personal history BWJ 10/14/1921, p.2 c.4.

Hamilton, Arthur S.
Livery stable proprietor on Washington Street. Died 07/14/1910.

Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin
(1819-1911) Saco merchant. Lived in Leland House (Thornton Hall). Married Sarah Fairfield in 1853. Career/life sketches: BWJ 02/23/1906, p.1 c.1-2; BWJ 02/22/1907, p.7 c.5-6; BWJ 02/21/1908, p.1. Obit BWJ 09/22/1911, p.6.

Hamilton, Benjamin F. (Attorney)
(1836-1911) Son of Benjamin Hamilton, farmer of Waterboro. Figures in lawsuit over “Maine Men of Progress” mug book. Price $35. (BJ 05/11/1900, p.5 c.4). Story of client acquitted for theft who offered to pay with stolen watch. (BJ 05/04/1900, p.8 c.3). Obit BDJ 04/11/1911, p.7 c.1-3.

Hamilton, Charles S.
(1855-1900) Newspaper man and two-time mayor of Biddeford. Husband to Fannie K. (Dresser) Hamilton. Claims first macadamizing done during Hamilton’s administration. Obit BWJ 10/05/1900, p.7 c.3.

Hamilton, Daniel Stimson
(1858-1921) Born in Biddeford, son of Samuel C. Hamilton. Probation officer in Saco for many years. Obit BWJ 06/10/1921, p.8 c.5.

Hamilton, Fannie K.
(1858-1917) Fannie K. Hamilton was regarded as a brilliant woman. She came from the noted Dresser family of Portland, and her husband, Charles S. Hamilton, a lawyer, was twice mayor of Biddeford. Before her marriage she had been a society writer for the Boston papers and met many notable people. She and her husband met in Old Orchard when he was writing for a paper there. She left Biddeford after her husbands death in 1900. Obit BWJ 01/26/1917, p.8 c.6.

Hamilton, Samuel C.
Oldest lumber man; father of ex-mayor Charles Hamilton. Worked for Jos. Hobson until 1871, when he bought a mill on Gooch Island. Obit BWJ 10/08/1897, p.1 c.7.

Hamilton, Samuel K. (Attorney)
(1837-1922) Born in Waterboro. Began to practice law in Biddeford in 1867, moved to Wakefield, Massachusetts in 1872. Subject of special article in Boston Sunday Herald (BWJ 10/17/1919, p.7 c.7). Obit BWJ 05/19/1922, p.7 c.7.

Hamilton, Sarah Fairfield
(1831-1909) Married to Benjamin Franklin Hamilton of Saco. Grande dame of Women’s Educational & Industrial Union, and donated house to that group on her death. Obit BWJ 07/09/1909, p.8 c.2.

Hand, John (Captain)
News of his death 06/13/1817. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.67.

311 Main Street. Included in Main Street Historic District, National Register of Historic Places.

Harmon, Charles B.
(1849-1917) Home at 53 Oak Street. Police chief in Biddeford for 22 years. United States Marshal for the state of Maine 1886-1890. Obit BWJ 01/12/1917, p.2 c.6-7. See also Bickford’s Local landmarks, p.30.

Hardy, Charles
(1819-1877) Owner of Hardy Machine Shop. Came to Biddeford in 1845 as overseer for Laconia Mill. “Hardy Machine Shop sends exhibit to Paris exhibition”: BWJ 12/07/1866, p.2 c.8. Life sketch in York County History, facing p.194. Died 12/30/1877, buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

Hartley, R. F. C. (Captain)
(1812-1897) Richard Foxwell Cutts Hartley- born on Main Street, Saco in a homestead built in 1794. Wife was daughter of Parson Fairfield. Died on shipboard. Obit BWJ 09/10/1897, p.4 c.2. Will matters: BWJ 09/17/1897 p.1 c.7 and 12/31/1897, p.7 c.2.

Hartley, Samuel (Captain)
Death notice of Capt. Samuel Hartley of Saco, age 87. U & J 03/06/1857, p.3 c.4.

Hatch, Emma
(1861-1940) Librarian at Biddeford’s City Library (later McArthur Library) from October 1895 until November 1937 – 41 years, the longest serving Librarian. Born in Biddeford on December 14, 1861 as Rosa Emma Hatch. Graduate of Biddeford High School, class of 1880. Lived with her older brother Charles until his death in 1927, at which time she boarded at the home of Anna Ricker on South Street. Knew author Kenneth Roberts. Oversaw transformation of library from a single room at City Hall to the renovation of 1935 which turned the upstairs auditorium (“McArthur Hall”) into the Senior Library & dedicated the Elizabeth Stevens Reading Room, the downstairs devoted to the Junior Library and community club rooms. Spent her life in library work, was a leader in the Maine Library Association and member of Biddeford’s Thursday Club. Obit BDJ  02/12/1940.

Harvey, Joseph
Drum major of Painchaud’s Band. Born in Canada, had lived in Saco for 34 years. Father of Joseph E. Harvey. Died at the age of 48. Obit BWJ 02/20/1920, p.6 c.5.

Hawkes, Ralph W., Junior
See Journal Tribune 06/01/1982 p.2.

Hayes, Annie Fenno
Obit BWJ  02/09/1894, p.3 c.3.

Hayes, Joseph M. (Deacon)
Saco man, died age 68. U & J 03/16/1855, p.3 c.2. Special obit in U & J 04/06/1855, p.2 c.6.

Hayes, Olivia
Mrs. Olivia (Cowan) Hayes was the daughter of Louis Cowan, and a writer of poetry. She died in Berwick. Obit BWJ 01/26/1877, p.1 c.1.

Hayford, Minnie E.
Teacher at Pool Street second primary (PHOTOGRAPH), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Healy, James A. (Bishop)
(1830-1900) Obit and history of Maine parish: BWJ 08/10/1900, p.8 c.6-7.

290 Main Street. Included in Main Street Historic District, National Register of Historic Places.

Hemmingway, Jonathan
Biddeford man, died age 82. U & J 04/20/1955, p.3 c.2.