Gordan, Cyrus
(1778-1869) Farmer, died age 91. Tombstone inscription: Bemis Farm, near Poor Farm, Biddeford.

Gordon, Benjamin
Born 06/15/1773. Wife Elizabeth born 06/15/1773 [?]. Children Cyrus (b.07/16/1805), Mark (b.03/11/1807), and Sally (b.09/01/1809). From old city records, book #3.

Gordon, Cyrus
Third mayor of Biddeford, 1858-9. Lived on Pool Road near Morrill School. Was probably son of Benjamin Gordon, who had son Cyrus born 07/16/1805. Cyrus’ widow is listed in 1866 directory, but no obit found.

Gordon, George C.
(1843-1900) Born on Pool Road, near Morrill School. Son of Mark Gordon. Went to sea at age 13, retired in 1897 at age 54. Died in house in which he was born. Obit BWJ 11/08/1901, p.8 c.7.

Gordon, Joseph
Died in Biddeford age 70, 03/16/1842. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.173.

Gordon, Mark (Captain)
(1807-1876) Home on Pool Road near Morrill School; sea captain. Last listed in 1875 Biddeford Directory; probably died in 1876. Probably son of Benjamin Gordon, who had a son Mark born 03/11/1807.

Gordon, Pike
A blacksmith, died 07/17/1802. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.5.

Gordon, Pike
Twenty-two years of age, was drowned by falling through lower Eastern Bridge 08/02/1823. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.92.

Gordon (Gorden), Sally L.
Teacher at Sullivan Street third primary school (PHOTOGRAPH), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Gorges, Thomas
(1618-1670). Deputy Governor of the Province of Maine, 1640-1643. Cousin of Sir Fernando Gorges; part of an early unsuccessful attempt to colonize Maine.

Gould, Mrs. Olive (née Berry)
(c.1806-1886) Born Olive Spring Berry in Saco, she was the wife of Charles F. Gould, and they built their brick home on Alfred Street. Her husband died in 1861, and she never remarried. Olive had 10 children, 3 of which died young. The rest were all successful (of note were her daughters – Phoebe [“Nellie”] had a career as a Western Union operator and co-owned a millinery business with sister Lucy; Mahala was a teacher). Sons Charles, Mark, John were all business owners and youngest son Royal was Superintendent of Schools in Biddeford. Mrs. Gould died of complications after a fall in the family home, aged 80.  [See Photo coll. #1810 for tintype] Buried at Greenwood Cemetery. Obituary appeared in the Biddeford Daily Journal, June 2, 1886.

Gould, Charles F.
(1808-1861) Built Biddeford’s 2nd brick house on Elm Street (“Gould’s Hill”) in 1829. Husband of Olive Berry, father to Charles O., John A., Mark H., Lucy E., Mrs. Mahala Dwinnell, Royal E. and Phoebe “Nellie”. Died suddenly at age 53, buried in Greenwood Cemetery. Death notice appeared in the Union and Journal, August 2, 1861.

Gould, Charles O.
(1831-1917) Son of Charles F. Gould. Store; said to be on “Gould’s Hill”. Obit 06/15/1917, p.8 c.6.

Gould, Elizabeth N.
Widow of Royal E. Gould. Obit BWJ 02/13/1920, p.3 c.7.

Gould, J.
Was buried here on 03/08/1810-died suddenly age 81. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.16.

Gould, jesse
Enter jesse here.

Gould, John
Enter johnhere.

Gould, Mahala
Enter mahala here.

Gould, Mark H.
Enter mark here.

Gould, Phoebe “Nellie”
Enter phoebe here.

Gould, Royal E.
(1852-1915) Biddeford High School class of 1869. Attended Bowdoin College, then practiced law for a year before becoming a teacher. Teacher/Principal at Spruce Street School for 7 years before elected superintendent. Superintendent of Biddeford schools 1885-1915. Married Lizzie Nickerson of Biddeford on July 4, 1883, and had one son, Dr. Carlisle R. Gould of Salem, Massachussetts. Sketch of life and obit, BWJ 12/17/1915, p.8 c.2. See also Bickford’s Local landmarks, p.38. School committee and Superintendent of Schools (PHOTOGRAPH), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Gould, William H. (Captain)
Of Kennebunkport. Died at age 93 ½. Comment lists old sea captains of Kennebunkport and their homes. BDJ 02/12/1941, p.8 c.2-4.

Gove, Alvin Chadbourne
(1813-1898) Gove’s grandfather died in the American Revolution at the Battle of Saratoga in 1777, and father served as a fifer (see BWJ 10/21/1898, p.8 c.2-3). Home on Clifford Street, was father of E. H. Gove & Mrs. William P. Freeman. Died at age of 85. Obit BWJ 09/09/1898, p.7 c.5.

Gove, Edward H.
Lawyer. Originally in business at “Gove’s Law & Insurance Office”. Later ran E. H. Gove Insurance Agency on Main Street (see Photograph coll. #1456). Sons Henry H., Clarence, and Everard. Obit BWJ 01/27/1928, p.1 c.1. See also Bickford’s Local landmarks, p.28. School Committee member (PHOTOGRAPH), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Gove, Henry H.
Insurance agent at “Gove’s Law & Insurance Office”. Son of E. H. Gove; brother to Clarence & Everard. Killed in hunting accident on Mountain Road. Obit BWJ 11/05/1920, p.8 c.5-6. See also Bickford’s Local landmarks, p.28.

Gove, Mary S.
Substitute teacher (PHOTOGRAPH), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Gowen, Stephen
Of Biddeford. Old stagecoach driver, hackman, & livery stable proprietor on Washington Street. Obit BJ 05/24/1901, p.7 c.6.

Gowen, Stephen (Deacon)
Of Saco, died age 71. Obit U & J 04/13/1855, p.3 c.1.

Gowen, Walter A.
Known at “Teddy”. Sketch on proposed retirement “after 40 years” in 1906: BWJ 03/23/1906, p.2 c.1-3. Personal history and his record as an engineer on the Eastern Railroad from 1866 to 1922: BWJ 04/11/1924, p.3 c.3-5.

Graham, James A.
Obituary and purchase of Graham Street, gift to Universalist Church, and trouble over will. BWJ 01/08/1894, p3; 01/10/1894; 01/12/1894, p.3 c.9.

Grainger, John
Retirement; description of hobby (making scale models of railroad stations), with pictures. Biddeford Scrapbook #6, p.39.

Granger, Angelica K.
(1843-1918) Daughter of artist Charles Granger, found dead in her home at 84 Summer Street, Saco. BWJ 01/04/1918, p.2 c.2.

Granger, Charles
(1812-1893) Artist/painter. Biographical sketch in Biddeford Scrapbook #6, p.120. Funeral hymn on occasion of death of President Zachary Taylor (Union 07/19/1850, p.2 c.3). Ad of Chas. H. Granger, offering to paint landscapes and sea views, or enlarge daguerreotypes of dead (U & J 02/20/1857, p.3 c.4). Obit BWJ 09/08/1893, p.3 c.2. Painting in Saco City Hall (BWJ 05/26/1916, p.7 c.6).

Grant, Betty
Biddeford woman charged with murder. BJ 02/19/1970, p.1 c.5.

Graves, Abbott Fuller
(1859-1936) Artist & illustrator. Acclaimed specialist in Garden painting in New England and abroad. Briefly ran an art school in Kennebunk (closed in 1902).

Graves, Benjamin J.
(1824-1901) Born in Topsham, Maine. Settled in Biddeford as a carpenter in 1847. Obit BWJ 07/19/1901, p.7 c.7.

Graves, Stockbridge P. (Doctor)
(1826-1916) Home at Pleasant Street, Saco. Oldest physician at time of death. Born in Topsham, came to Saco around 1867. Obit BWJ 10/13/1916, p.5 c.7.

Gray, Eva
Singer with Dot Karroll Company dies backstage during performance City Opera House. BDJ 11/01/1904, p.8 (same article in Biddeford Scrapbook #6, p.66).

Gray, James A.
Brickmaster. Story of JAG bricks in Boston, and also of “white bricks”. BWJ 06/01/1900, p.6 c.3-4.

Gray, Samuel
Died 08/09/1867 age 59. Wife (Sophia C.) died 11/08/1896, age 86. Gravestone at Woodlawn Cemetery.

Great New England Hurricane, 1938
Category 5 hurricane effecting this area Sept. 21-24, 1938. Devastating to southern New England, less damage locally.”Trees uprooted here by wind; Service company lines bear brunt of damages from storm last night” Daily Journal 09/22/1938, p.1. “Heavy damage from wind throughout York County area” Daily Journal 09/23/1938, p.1. “Conditions in Maine normal; Property damage from Wednesday’s storm small” Daily Journal 09/24/1938,  p.1.

Grebin, Joseph M.
(1859-1939) Born in France. Came to Biddeford in 1880; worked at Pepperell Mills for 50 years. Obit BDJ 11/01/1939, p.2 c.2. Grandfather of Rosaire J. Belanger, typewriter artist.

Green, Charles H.
Owned Green’s Shoe Store at 147 Main Street, Biddeford. Married to Esther Green. Home at 18 Locke St, Saco.

Green, Esther
Founder of the Biddeford chapter of Hadassah in 1924. Married to Charles H. Green, who owned Green’s Shoe Store in Biddeford. See BDJ 12/10/1926 and Biddeford-Saco Directory for 1929-30.

Greene, Charles F.
(1834-1905) Home at North Street. Obit BWJ 10/13/1905, p.1 c.4.

Grondin, Conrad “Babe”
Advocate for business development in Biddeford in the 1960’s. See Vertical File–Biddeford Biography; also JT and Courier.

Gross, Henry
(1895-1979) State game warden 24 years. Famous for Kenneth Roberts book Henry Gross and his dowsing rod, and other stories. Obit JT 08/15/1979, p.2 c.1.

Guilbault, Wulfran (Doctor)
(1862-1913) Born in Quebec, came to Biddeford at age 7. Began as a cobbler, then became an optician. Obit BDJ 02/13/1913, p.8 c.1-2. See also Bickford’s Local landmarks, p.40.

Guignard, Michael (Doctor)
Biddeford historian, writer and expert on Franco-American history. St. Louis High 1965, Bowdoin College 1969, Ph.D. from Syracuse University 1976. Besides specialized work as an immigration paralegal, Dr. Guignard served as a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. State Department in Costa Rica, Japan, Canada and Italy. He is fluent in Spanish, French and Italian. Author of the superlative work “La Foi – La Langue – La Culture: the Franco-Americans of Biddeford, Maine” (1982, 1984). While teaching and completing his doctorate, he wrote a series of articles on Biddeford Franco history for the Journal Tribune appearing from August 1972 to January 1973. For copies of articles see Local History Vertical File: “Biography – Guignard, Michael” and “Franco-Americans”. Dr. Guignard is also a regular contributor to the University of Maine Franco-American Centre Le FORUM Journal.