Hickey, Dan
Biographical sketch and political career: Biddeford Scrapbook #6, p.100.

Hill, Charles V.
(1842-1905) Born in Ward House on Ferry Lane, son of Captain Waldo & Lavinia Hill. Was with father on ship during meeting on bark “Rodman” in 1859. Died on the Pool Road. Obit BWJ 01/06/1905, p.7 c.5.

Hill, Cynthia “Marm”
Israel Hill runs notice that she has left his bed and board. BWJ 09/07/1866, p.2 c.8.

Hill, Ebenezer
Died 07/05/1839 aged 71. Buried at Woodlawn Cemetery. Also [mentioned] in Merrill diary [?]

Hill, Ezra (Captain)
Home at Pool Road. Fishing captain for many years, died about age 85. Obit BWJ 04/07/1922, p.8 c.3.

Hill, Frank A.
(1841-1903) Born in Biddeford, graduated from Biddeford High School in 1857. After a distinguished teaching career became Secretary of the Massachusetts State Board of Education and held that position at his death in 1903, being entered in “Who’s Who in America.”

Hill, Grace W.
Teacher at Foss Street first primary school (PHOTOGRAPH), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Hill, H. E. (Doctor)
Obit BWJ 01/12/1894, p.3 c.8.

Hill, James Plaisted
(1845-1921) Son of Captain James Plaisted Hill. Born on Pool Road near Ferry Lane. Sketch of family. Obit BWJ 02/18/1921, p.8 c.6.

Hill, Jere [Jeremiah], Senior
(1723-1779) Married Mary Smith in 1746. Father of Jere Hill, the lawyer. Died 08/12/1779, aged 56. From Folsom’s History of Saco and Biddeford, p.239.

Hill, Jere [Jeremiah], Junior (Honorable)
(1747-1820) Lawyer. Entered Harvard in 1767. Served as a Captain in the regiment of Col. Joseph Vose, Massachusetts Volunteers, in Washington’s army during the American Revolution, but resigned December 5, 1777 (prior to Valley Forge) – [See Maine at Valley Forge, p.67]. Married Mary Emery in 1772. Home on Peirson’s Lane, bought by Samuel Peirson in 1820. Died 06/14/1820. From Folsom’s History of Saco and Biddeford, pp. 154, 250, 284, 312. Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery. Widow Mary dies 09/06/1837 aged 85: From Samuel Merrill diary p.83. Also appears in diary of Constable Amos Gordon (MS999Gordon).

Hill, John (Captain)
Death notice of Capt. John Hill of Saco, age 68. U & J 04/10/1857, p.3 c.4.

Hill, John H.
(1826-1907) First freight agent for Boston & Maine Railroad. Grandfather of Paul S. Hill, M.D. Obit BDJ 10/28/1907, p.6 c.4-5.

Hill, Josiah
Died Sabbath night 01/31/1830, age 79. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.123.

Hill, Keziah (Durrell)
Died in Biddeford, the wife of Deacon Waldo Hill 12/05/1844. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.181.

Hill, Mary Emery
Wife of Hon. Jeremiah Hill, Junior. Died 09/05/1837, aged 85 years 6 months. Gravestone at Woodlawn Cemetery reads:
“Erected by Mary Emery Hill in memory of their children – Obed Emery d.09/24/1786 aged 7 mos. – Priscilla Emery d.05/28/1793 aged 5 years – Peter d.08/31/1801 in Charleston, S.C. aged 21 years – Daniel Emery d.09/04/1804 aged 12 yrs – Lydia d.04/01/1805 aged 22 – Mark Langdo. d.06/08/1823 aged 29 years.

Hill, Nehemiah/Nathaniel (Captain)
(1808-1889) Born on Pool Road opposite Ferry; lived at 90 Pool Street at death. Went to sea at age 14, was ship master at age 19. Married the daughter of Capt. William Murch. In 1831 was in command of the “Roman”, coasting along the Southern states with crew of George Clark, Beniah Clark, & William Pike (who went on to become shipsmasters as well: see BDJ 06/20/1889, p.3 c.5). During the Civil War was at the battle of Malvern Hill. Obit BDJ 06/10/1893, p.3 c.5 & BWJ 06/16/1893, p.3 c.2. Obit of widow (1807-1897) gives details of Pool Road home: BWJ 03/26/1897, p.3 c.5.

Hill, Plaisted (Captain)
Received a severe chill coming home from Boston, died in about five days 02/16/1815. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.58.

Hill, Samuel (Lieutenant)
Died with a fever 02/02/1826. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.108.

Hill, Thomas
Departed this life 08/27/1840. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.160.

Hill, Waldo, Senior (Deacon)
Died 02/19/1844. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.182. Married to Keziah (Durrell) Hill 10/18/1792. Children: Waldo Jr. b.01/07/1794 (d.1834) – Betsy b.06/21/1796 – Kezia b.12/09/1798 – Myra b.05/17/1805 – Abigail b.10/24/1808 – Sarah b.12/08/1811.

Hill, Waldo, Junior (Captain)
(1794-1834) Born in Biddeford; married Marinda Dix (b.04/11/1796) of Harvard, Massachusetts. Children: Marinda b.06/07/1824 – William Waldo b.06/26/1827 – James b.04/07/1830 (d.1832) – Rosanna Parker b.09/08/1831 – Elizabeth b.06/19/1833. Capt. Waldo Hill Jr. died at sea in 1834. All records from First Pepperellborough Records, pp. 107, 238, 240.

Hill, Waldo (Captain)
(1814-1888) Home at 493 Pool Road. Thrown on own resources at age of 9 and shipped on a coastwise schooner. Commanded the ships “Pepperell” and “Sam & Ben”. Obit and account of his voyages and ships: BWJ 03/16/1888 p.3 c.7 and BWJ 03/30/1888, p.1 c.4.

Hill, William (Captain)
(1820-1897) Home at 299 Pool Road. Born in Saco (First Pepperellborough Records, p.190) and died at home on Pool Road in Biddeford. Coaster captain for 40 years, then operated clothing store and coal business. Father of Rowland Hill. Obit BWJ 06/25/1897, c.7-8.

Hill, William M. (Deacon) &
Hill, Margaret W.
(1805-1884) Second Congregational Church (White Church), Biddeford. Deacon Hill died in West Medford, Massachusetts two days after the death of his wife, Margaret G. Hill in the same place. Both buried at Woodlawn Cemetery. Obit BWJ 08/29/1884, p.3 c.3 & 09/05/1884, p.3 c.1.

Hills, Ilock
History of Ilock Hills’ store on Main Street, Biddeford: BWJ 03/09/1923 p.7. Photo of Ilock Hills: BWJ 03/16/1923, p.7.

Hobbins, Patrick
(1829-1913) Born in County Galway, Ireland 03/20/1829. Came to Biddeford “70 years ago”. Gives early memories; said to be the last of the old Irish settlers. Obit BDJ 02/13/1913, p.7 c.3.

Hobbs, Nathaniel (Judge)
(1824-1916) Judge of Probate for 44 years, and was oldest judge in U. S. in active service. Regarding the building of the “new iron pier” at Old Orchard: BWJ 04/22/1898. Obit BWJ 09/22/1916, p.1 c.1-3. Left estate of $60,000: BWJ 10/06/1916, p.8 c.2-3.

Hobbs, Reuben M.
Born 1821. Leader of coronet band and superintendent of Pepperell [York?] Mill. Life sketch in York County History, p.211. “R. M. Hobbs, leader of Coronet Band leaves York Mills after 12 years and moves to Lawrence, Mass.” U & J 10/31/1856, p.2 c.8.

Hobson, Joseph
(1816-1893) Lumberman. “Shipping sawdust to Boston for ice packing. Trade only a few years old” BWJ 06/23/1882, p.3 c.1. Obit and history of his business BWJ 02/10/1893, p.3 c.6.

Hobson, Joseph
(1828-1897) Born in Hollis. Came to Saco to work for Joseph Hobson and became superintendent of Hobson Plant. Home on North Street, Saco. Obit BWJ 07/02/1897, p.3 c.4.

Hobson, Olive
Mrs. Olive Hobson. Obit BWJ 10/12/1888, p.3 c.2.

Hoctor, Michael
(1841-1921) Born in Ireland. Home at 460 Main Street. Obit 03/04/1921, p.8 c.3.

Hodgdon, Samuel K.
Keith booking agent, salary $20,000 per year. Had started on road in vaudeville monologue about 1882. Sketch of career BDJ 08/22/1907, p.8 c.6-7.

Holman, Daniel (Deacon)
Settled in Biddeford Pool in 1823. Biddeford Scrapbook #1, p.20. Terms and story of Deacon Holman’s 1871 will, causing trouble in Pool properties: BDJ 12/08/1913, p.7 c.3-5.

Holmes, Charles W.
(1824-1906) Home on Pleasant Street, Saco. Ran the grist mill at Cataract Falls. Obit BWJ 04/20/1906, p.7 c.4-5.

Holt, Clarence
Discharged. BJ 06/07/1918, p.3 c.7.

Holt, Everett (Captain)
Obit BWJ 12/30/1910, p.8 c.2.

137 Main Street. Included in Main Street Historic District, National Register of Historic Places.

Hooper, Annette H.
Teacher at Wentworth Street first primary school (PHOTOGRAPH), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Hooper, Benjamin
(1720-1802) Born in Berwick, came to Biddeford in 1740. Innkeeper and first Biddeford postmaster. Died of consumption 04/15/1802 (from Samuel Merrill diary, p.4). Mentioned in Folsom’s History of Saco and Biddeford, p.310. Wife Lydia died 12/26/1806 (from Samuel Merrill diary, p.11). See Hooper ancestry in account of Mrs. Thomas Emery, BWJ 05/10/1907, p.3 c.7.

Hooper, Daniel
(1755-1800) Died 06/12/1800 (consumption) aged 45 – Mary, his wife, died 01/18/1852 aged 86. Gravestone in Woodlawn Cemetery & Samuel Merrill diary [no page given].

Hooper, Daniel
Deceased. His 60-acre homestead farm for sale – 5 miles from Biddeford village. U & J 06/07/1850, p.3 c.3. Death noted in Samuel Merrill diary on  03/25/1843.

Hooper, Daniel H. B.
(1848-1911) Home at 235 Elm Street. Son of Henry H. Hooper who built Goose Rocks House. Obit BDJ 12/29/1911, p.6 c.3.

Hooper, D. O. S.
Death by railroad accident, along with William Benjamin. BWJ 12/03/1886, p.3 c.2.

Hooper, E. H. C. (Colonel)
(1817-1898) Last of his branch of the Hooper family. In dry goods business as well as insurance. Left Biddeford about 1878-1880. Died in New York City. Obit BWJ 12/23/1898, p.8 c.4.

Hooper, George
Son Charles died 02/18/1844. From Samuel Merrill diary.

Hooper, John
Of Biddeford, died with consumption aged about 53 years 03/16/1830. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.124.

Hooper, Leonard R.
(1863-1921) Born in Biddeford, son of Daniel O. S. and Ruth Rumery Hooper. Obit BWJ 02/11/1921, p.8 c.6.

Hooper, Moses
Born 1835 in Biddeford. Lived in vicinity of pumping station. Dartmouth graduate in 1854. Moved to Wisconsin in 1857, after graduation from Yale Law School. Eightieth birthday celebrated in Wisconsin: BDJ 03/01/1915, p.5 c.3. Oldest lawyer in America — relates early days in Biddeford: BDJ 02/09/1925.

Hooper, Noah (Captain)
Died 05/15/1814 about twelve o’clock noon with a lingering sickness. Buried Wednesday at 11 o’clock. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.38.

Hooper, Obed
Died with typhus fever 03/02/1830. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.124.

Hooper, Samuel
Saco man, died aged 72. U & J 06/13/1851, p.3 c.1.

Hooper, Theodore
Was buried on 12/23/1809. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.16.

Hooper, William P.
(1785-1855) Born in the old Emery house on Liberty Street and always lived there. Son of Daniel, grandson of Benjamin. Sister was Mary C. Hooper (1790-1874). Father died in 1800, W. P. (age 16) appointed to succeed him as Postmaster by Judge Thacher. Wife was Mary (1792-1868). Buried at Woodlawn Cemetery. Obit and sketch of career: U & J, 04/27/1855, p.2 c.7.

Hooper, William P.
Son of William P. Hooper, Esquire. Died age 24 of yellow fever in Citronelle, Alabama 10/07/1853. U & J 11/09/1853, p.3 c.1. Gravestone at Woodlawn Cemetery.

Hopkins, Solomon (Captain)
(1755-1843) Revolutionary War veteran. Mentioned in Samuel Merrill diary, p.180. Gravestone at Woodlawn Cemetery.

Horigan, Michael
(1863-1916) Born in Biddeford. Brother of Cornelius Horigan, and worked for him managing grocery store. Obit BWJ 06/23/1816, p.8 c.5.

Horigan, Jeremiah C.
(1833-1897) Father of Cornelius & Michael Horigan. Came from County Kerry, Ireland, in 1854. Worked in Laconia Mill. Obit BWJ 05/21/1897, p.3 c.3.

(See also BIDDEFORD HOUSE) Built 1847, opened as Biddeford House – name changed in 1898 to Hotel Thacher in honor of Judge George Thacher. Biddeford’s main hotel, located at Main and Adams Street (City Square). See Local History Catalog for images and more. National Register of Historic Places.

Hovey, Frank W.
Lawyer. Came to Biddeford from Somerset County in 1898 and opened a successful law practice. See Bickford’s Local landmarks, p.30.

Howe, Julia Ward
Famous abolitionist & activist, wrote the “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Son was pastor of First Parish Church in Saco, and 1882 directory shows him living at 37 North Street. Julia Ward Howe lived with him for several years. From Fairfield’s Sand, Spindles and Steeples.

Hurricane Bob, 1991
–info here

Hurricane Carol, 1954
–info here

Hurricane Edna, 1954
–info here

Includes: Great New England Hurricane (1938), Hurricane Edna (1954), Hurricane Carol (1954), Hurricane Bob (1991).

Hussey, Charles E.
Dentist. Born in Dover, New Hampshire. Came to Biddeford around 1870-1872. Obit BWJ 06/03/1921, p.8 c.6-7.

Hussey, George E.
Postmaster at Biddeford Pool. Obit BWJ 09/08/1899, p.7 c.5.

Hussey, John
(1851-1922) Home at 13 Crescent Street. Born in Biddeford, son of Patrick and Johanna (Sullivan) Hussey. Obit BWJ 03/31/1922, p.3 c.6.

Hussey, Lois
Teacher at Rural School #2 (PHOTOGRAPH), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Hutchinson, Henry G.
Obit BWJ 02/19/1926, p.8 c.4.

Hyde, Alice M.
Teacher at Bradbury Street second primary school (PHOTOGRAPH), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Hyde, Ariel Perry
A founder of the Advent Church. Obit BDJ 12/06/1889.