Pierce, Edith
“Putting Saco records in order”-see JT 02/03/1982, p.3 c.3.

Pierce, Marshall
A founder of the City Bank of Biddeford. BWJ 09/24/1920, p.1 c.7.

See Peirson/Pierson

Pike, Benjamin (Esquire)
Of Saco. News of his death 01/15/1832. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.133.

Pike, Israel
Died in West Indies with a fever, he went out to secure some property 11/10/1809. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.15.

Pike, James
Died 08/21/1855, aged 52. Olive, his wife, died 09/28/1883, aged 84. Gravestone at Woodlawn Cemetery.

Pike, William F.  (Captain)
(1814-1904) Home at Main & Cross Streets, Saco. In early life lived at Saco Ferry. Went to sea at 16, became Captain at 26. Deep sea sailor. Bought home in which he died in 1856. Obit BWJ 05/20/1904, p.5 c.7.

Pillsbury, Charles W.  (Doctor)
(1851-1919) Practiced in Saco about 40 years. Obit BWJ 12/05/1919, p.6 c.5.

Pillsbury, Enoch Freeman
(1837-1923) Born in Saco, son of Deacon Samuel Pillsbury. Lived in Biddeford many years. Obit BWJ 04/06/1923, p.7 c.2.

Pilsbury, Charles E.
Ex-City Clerk of Biddeford. Suicide in Cape Elizabeth 07/21/1899. Story of disappearance in BWJ 07/14/1899, p.8 c.4-5.

Pilsbury, Samuel
(1809-1888) Born in Newburyport, Massachusetts; came to Saco in 1832, home on Spruce Street. Foreman for Saco Water Power Co. for 25 years, then worked for Pepperell Mills. Founder and Deacon at Adams Street Baptist Church. Obit BDJ 04/24/1888, p.3 c.5. [Spelled name with one “L” but often appears with two.]

Pilsbury, William E.
Born 08/15/1845, died 05/03/1907. Gravestone in Greenwood Cemetery.

Piper, Horace
Former principal of Biddeford High School. Obit BWJ 10/18/1895, p.3 c.8.

Piper, Horace L.
(1841-1905) Son of first principal of Biddeford High School, was officer of colored regiment in Civil War. Obit BWJ 05/19/1905, p.12 c.4.

Piper, Susan N.
Assistant, Biddeford High School (PHOTOGRAPH), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Plummer, Moses
Death notice of Plummer of Biddeford, age 65. U & J 06/16/1854, p.3 c.2.

Poisson, Eugene J.
Born 1869 in Gentily, Quebec. Photographer in Westbrook, Maine for 6 years. Purchased the Sawtelle photography studio in 1898, changing the name to “Elite Studio”. Involved in several civic groups. See Lawton’s Franco-Americans of Maine, p.160 [PICTURE]; and Bickford’s Local landmarks, p.17.

128 Main Street. Included in Main Street Historic District, National Register of Historic Places.

Pond, Daniel
Died 11/07/1889, aged 69, gravestone at Woodlawn Cemetery. Obit BWJ 11/08/1889, p.3 c.1.

Ponsardin, Fr. Jean Francois
(1833-unknown) First pastor of St. Joseph’s parish (1870-1877). Article Father Ponsardin by Michael Guignard (Le FORUM, Vol. 38 #4, p.13-14).

Pool, James (Captain)
Of Biddeford, age 67. U & J 02/16/1855, p.3 c.1.

Public grammar and primary school. (See Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools [1901]).

Porter, Ida F.
Teacher at Washington Street Primary School (PHOTOGRAPH), from Souvenir of the Biddeford Public Schools (1901).

Potts, Thomas (Corporal)
(1843-1904) Civil War veteran (Company H, 16th Maine Infantry), supposed to have shot Stonewall Jackson. Biographical sketch done in 1940. See Biddeford Scrapbook #6, p.33. Wife Sarah Ann died 01/31/1912. Gravestone at Woodlawn Cemetery. Obit BWJ 07/01/1904, p.8 c.6.

Precourt, Dr. George Charles, M.D.
Born 1883 in Saco. Graduated from Thornton Academy in 1904, and Bowdoin Medical School in 1908; also did coursework at Massachusetts General Hospital. Commenced practice in Biddeford in 1908. Served as City Physician for Biddeford, and involved with various professional and civic groups. See Lawton’s Franco-Americans of Maine, p.201 [PICTURE]. Obit BWJ 06/06/1930.

Prentiss, Alfred G.
(1838-1916) Born in Massachusetts, came to Biddeford Pool in 1846. Father was a friend to Cornelius Sweetser. Entered partnership in corn, flour & groceries business at 2 + 3 Pepperell Blocks with Joseph G. Deering (BJ 06/15/1866, p.2 c.5). Owner of tugboat Joe Baker and boat A. G. Prentiss. Obit BWJ 07/21/1916, p.6 c.3-4.

Prescott, Charles H.
Publisher of Biddeford Journal. Obit BWJ 12/21/1923, p.1 c.3.

Proctor, Benjamin
Died in Biddeford on 03/26/1812. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.24.

Proctor, Josiah (Captain)
(1819-1889) Buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

Purinton, Stephen Lorenzo (Honorable)
(1838-1908) Born in Limington 06/24/1838. Came to Saco in 1861. Loaded the first schooner of ice that was ever sent out of Saco [sometime between 1861-1870]. Conducted grocery business. Died 12/16/1908. Obit BWJ 12/18/1908, p.1 c.5.

105 Main Street. Included in Main Street Historic District, National Register of Historic Places.

Putnam, Alexander
Editor of the Saco Palladium, died of consumption 12/16/1830. From Samuel Merrill diary, p.127.